Mission impossible : Rogue Nation (Film Review)

Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation (2015)8/10 (IMDB)

The world is changing, the director of the CIA has pushed to shut down the IMF seeing it as a dangerous relic from a bygone era. It’s agents have been reassigned and reclassified, and it’s future hangs in the balance. Ethan and his team must uncover the truth behind the highly skilled and highly funded organisation known as The Syndicate before they are shut down for good.

Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is older, not necessarily wiser, and still willing to risk it all to save the world. We all have an opinion on the Cruises strange behaviour off set but this is a role he has undeniably crafted into his own. His willingness to undertake much of the films risky stunts comes across on screen and gives the film an air of sincerity.

He is joined by Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames who reprise their roles along with Simon Pegg who once again serves to lighten some of the more tense moments with his presence rather than cheap sidekick gimmickry.

A notable addition to the franchise is Alec Baldwin who plays Hunley – the fierce CIA director. Baldwins portrayal is that of a cold and calculating hunter, and complements an already stellar supporting cast.

If you’ve been following the Mission Impossible franchise to this point you will love this latest outing. It’s got it all – unrelenting action sequences, death defying stunts, a femme fatale, gadgets, guns, and enough explosions to make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. True to form it has the regular planning-of-missions sequences (so impossible that it borders on disbelief), arguably both a major selling point of the franchise and a played-out apparatus.

Whichever you go with – It’s a time and tested formula for these films that director/writer Christoher McQuarrie has distilled for Rogue Nation. Having worked with Cruise on both Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow, McQuarrie’s screenplay flows effortlessly. As does the edgy and suspenseful soundtrack by Joe Kraemer which utilises the famous MI theme to it’s fullest orchestral glory during climactic action scenes, as well as subtle motifs throughout the film.

I doubt this is the last we’ll hear from Mission Impossible. With the Bond films losing their particular flavour of spy theme it seems this franchise is set to take over the genre. Which is a real shame but an enjoyable one.

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