‘Preacher’ Series 1 Review

No one could have dreamed how successful the project could have been, but with series 1 of AMC‘s adaption of (arguably the finest comic title of our age) ‘Preacher‘ all wrapped up and already renewed for a second season – we take a look at what the future holds for Rev. Jesse Custer and the gang. [WARNING : Contains Spoilers!]


Writer/Producer Sam Catlin has confirmed that meat mogul Odin Quincannon, church organist Emily and everyone else in Annville on that fateful day have been wiped out in the Methane blast. Nothing like a clean slate? The only characters to have escaped the blast seem to be our 3 heroes (Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy) and the hell-banished Eugene (Arseface).

Having set up the back story of the Saint of Killers (the vengeful gun-slinger in the employ of Heaven) and his dispatch to hunt down Jesse in Season 1 – the second season will see the continuation of his story. With our fearless trio now hitting the road it’s going to be tougher to track them down. Or if the character is anything like his comic book counterpart then maybe not.

S01E03 ‘The Possibilities’ also gave us a tease at Herr Starr and ‘Grail Industries’ when we see a man in a dark theatre wearing the Grail’s signature white suit. In the comics ‘The Grail’ is a holy organisation that is charged with protecting the bloodline of Christ. They are efficient, ruthless and command an army of soldiers willing to die for that cause. It will be interesting to see how they are weaved into this imagining of the title.
When pressed about upcoming characters for the new season Catlin stated :

“…the figure in white, and fanboys will know who that is. They’ve already seen the character briefly.”


We should expect to see some more of Jesse’s past, namely his Cajun Grandmother and some more information about his upbringing and the death of his father. This might even afford us the opportunity to see her bodyguards Jody and TC adapted for the series.
“We don’t know who killed Jesse’s father, but we’ll know more about who those two men were…”

Either way AMC has declared that the second season will contain 13 episodes instead of the 10 commissioned for season 1, giving us extra time to find out! Whatever happens it’s going to be a hell of a ride!

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