3 types to avoid during a Zombie Apocalypse 

The most dangerous element of a Zombie Apocalypse is NOT Zombies – it’s PEOPLE !
We take a look at the often over-looked threats of a world infected :


Joe and Joanne Average have most likely never thought about this scenario. Mr and Mrs Bloggs
have never conjugated the ‘what if’ and as such are ill prepared both mentally and physically.
Believing that the Zombies are still human – they will make poor survival decisions which will
ultimately get themselves and those around them killed, or worse – Zombified.

Possible example : Your Mum trying to make the horde a cup of tea.


The more sinister elements of society will have their evil streak turned up to 11 during the
Apocalypse as general hysteria takes over and survival instinct kicks in. This is the element that
will interfere with your best laid plans. They will be trigger happy and nervous. With no common
decency they will not hesitate to kill you or feed you to the undead horde if it means saving their
own skin.

Possible example : Criminals stealing all the best cars


Admittedly theres a part in all of us that wants to go a little crazy and have some fun with the
groaning shambling masses. Deep down we all want to surf on an armored Hum-vee, cranking
up the Death Metal and going mad with a chainsaw – but if you want to survive you’d better reel
that inner daredevil in. Staying alive is the goal here not getting ‘Zombie Kill Of The Week’!

Possible example : One of them gets hold of a flame thrower 

It wont take long for these elements to become part of the undead army so make a plan that involves by-passing them. Your life could depend on it.


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  1. Don’t forget about the dramatic people… The ones who tend to panic about even the littlest things, all the way up to the people who have some serious temperamental issues. When you first meet them, most times they seem pretty normal until shit comes down. Then they tend to mess up everything. ‘Tis not how they would try to either kill you or get themselves killed, but the fact how they start freaking out bitching at the top of their lungs, get the attention of the whole damn vicinity.
    Everything around that’s already out to get you will know exactly where to find you. These dramatic people don’t even have a second thought that when we’re in an apocalypse we need to be as quiet as possible, not let our emotions take control. It’s called survival instinct, not Hollywood. Yet of course the majority of humans who live carefree lives know nothing about this, then they tend to wonder why they get abandoned or sacrificed while the smarter survivors save themselves.
    As I always see overreaction a bad thing, I’d rather save myself instead of save someone who can’t keep a cool head, keep themselves in check, & let alone if they can’t think for themselves.

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