Tell that to the ratings ! Good shows get cancelled.

With the recent spate of big network cancellations we look at the whys, wheres and hows of losing a series you enjoy and what it means to have your “WHOLE WORLD RIPPED-OUT FROM UNDER YOU!”

Finding enough time to give a series your total and unfaltering attention in this day and age is a feat in itself. With a legion of gadgets and gizmos jockeying for your attention it seems that each one is screaming at you to watch specific shows on specific platforms. Gone are the days when you would follow a television series on a weekly basis and stand around the water cooler discussing it – sure it still happens – but it’s becoming a busy conversation with there now being so many great shows to follow and the ability to stream entire seasons at the touch of a button. As a result these water cooler conversations are now peppered with remarks like “where have you seen up to?” and are prefixed with a comical declaration of SPOILER WARNING.

Point is that once you are engrossed in a TV show you feel a connection to it. A bond. A relationship you have cultivated over the course of many years or a night of binge watching.

And then suddenly : it’s gone.

The most surprising of these recent cancellations would be Brooklyn Nine Nine. After being dropped by Fox prior to Season 6, it was passed on by Hulu (who currently owns the streaming rights) and then Netflix amid a firestorm of outrage from the fan base. Luckily the show was saved when NBC stepped up to the plate:

A lot of shows have been in similar situations over the last few years. Notable studio reprieves include Family Guy, Scrubs, Arrested Development and Futurama. All saved through fan backlash and substantial petitioning. Arguably these shows had reached a point where (at least network execs thought) the story had ran its course, via viewing figures, its characters had reached the end of their life span or no further development could be achieved within that narrative universe.

At the time of writing Will Forte’s fantastic Last man on Earth‘s status was in a state of cancellation, as was Lucifer and Quantico. Obviously a negative fan backlash has surfaced for each show but the trending hashtag of #SaveLucifer shows that the fandom will not leave their franchise without a fight.

As criminal as it may seem, in most cases a show is cancelled because its just not bringing in the numbers it needs to survive. To make it a viable commodity to a network.

In other cases the show was just crap and it’s better that it’s gone……. #RIPFirefly

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