Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Review)

Race against other retired video game characters to collect stars, earn medals and unlock characters and courses. Fight for the right to humiliate your friends with this fast paced and action packed racing game.

Being the greatest Mario Kart player OF ALL TIME (Do not DM me, I will fight you) i thought I’d have a crack at the blue hedgehog’s 2012 high-octane offering into the racing world. And what with it being the June Games With Gold download on Xbox360 I thought it was prime time for a review :


This is the sequel to 2010’s Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and a game that the fans were seemingly crying out for. Their cries heeded – there have been significant improvements to the combat system and the power-ups have been more equally balanced. Fans will also notice that the commentator has been removed from this release.
The right analog stick is used to initiate the trick mechanics which feels like it should have been given more depth. Its simplicity is welcome however to the chaos presented by some of the more intricate track layouts.

Some of the tracks shift and change underneath the driver which makes for an exciting experience. On certain courses the player has to be completely focused on the changing terrain ahead so there is no complacency that one might find with the monotony of being first place.
Joking aside this is definitely a positive feature of the game. Alongside the many shortcuts the player is able to utilise there are plenty of hidden boosts and item drops to keep the action flowing in the right direction.

Drifting in this game is absolutely an art form and to be perfected for use in the harder settings and later levels.


Some of the transformations are interesting but fastest and most impressive is the flying portions of the game. (I flipped the Y-axis to test the controls and spent a large portion of the course nose diving the ground. This was quickly reset to default) The Afterburner level being of particular note.

I’m not going to compare this release to Mario Kart 8 because it seems trashy. Many before me have pointed out the similarities and told tales of both games being in heavy development so neither could be a copy of the other….. This is just a good, solidly fun game with a fine scope for revisiting.


(Care for some driving music ? : The Ultimate Car Chase Playlist)

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