Cans Across The World! #2 – 2 Lads, 2 Beers (Elvis Juice & Bees Endevour)

A few weeks ago the missus was reading a Facebook post that stated (on that day) if you rewatch one episode of Game Of Thrones a week then you’ll be all set for the start of the new season next year. We moved house and didn’t get near the TV for a few weeks so now we’re going hell for leather at Season 1 in an effort to catch up. What better setting to get tore into a couple of “weird Beers”?

As ever I’m joined by my Cans Across The World partner and co-canthusiast Seán of . This post we’ll be reviewing Elvis Juice and Bees Endeavour. Let the reviewing commence!

Elvis Juice – Grapefruit infused IPA (by Brewdog)

Stu’s thoughts : 

Half the fun of doing this spot on the blog is getting to try the wacky drinks i dubiously eye on a regular basis, before proceeding with a purchase of mass-produced chemical swill. 

This brew is no exception. I’ve often scrutinized it’s label en route to a more appealing sup. Well now – I can wonder no more. The name is my favourite thing about this one. Whilst i am a fan of the name and the king himself – i think it’s a bold statement to assume Mr Presley would endorse this one. Maybe an IPA made from KFC gravy would be more up his street?

From the offset it smells grapefruity. I know you’re probably thinking “No shit, Sherluke” (My name is Stuart Luke. Thankyou) but that’s a pretty big deal for many of these craft beers : they make claims about the taste and rarely live up to them. The fact that BrewDog deliver on this claim is a refreshing development for me. And refreshing is my second favourite thing about this one. It’s refreshing as hell! I could definitely sink a few of these lying in a hammock somewhere listening to the beach boys…

I like grapefruit, I wouldn’t say i love grapefruit exactly. I wouldnt eat one. I have, but it’s not something i actively engage in. Well maybe i would if i was in the mood.  Either way i think it definitely helped that i had a good thirst built up before cracking this one open. It’s still got that musty heaviness that i find with most IPA’s and that hoppy after taste that hipsters like to twist their moustaches over. I’m no expert just a thirsty man and for me it’s just a good solid sipper.

If you’re going to try this one I’d get it nice and frosty. I loved this crooner. Good work beer doggo!

4.2/5 grapefruits!

elvis juice crazydiscostu

Seán’s Thoughts:

First up for the sipping is Elvis Juice by Brewdog brewery and it touts itself as a grapefruit infused IPA which in itself, sounds class. The bottle is appropriately the colour of the Galway hurling team as they get ready for the ref to throw in the ball and get this final underway.

Just after the game gets started, I crack the cap off to unleash a fruity and pleasant aroma, I take a swig. At the first taste, I notice how smooth it is with the grapefruit notes definitely coming through on top but it’s also hard-hitting, just like the Limerick forward who collided with one of the Tribesmen just then.

A quick glance at the label reveals that the tipple is a healthy 6.5% which explains the hard-hitting side of this IPA. At this point, I’m enjoying myself, sipping away at this tasty beverage whilst the chaos of a GAA final unfolds right before my eyes. It has to be said that I noticed there’s Elvis Juice residue getting caught in the moustache bit of my beard after each sip. I love this – I lick it off like an eager doggo lapping up gravy off some chicken, it’s like second drink.

I’m halfway through the bottle and we’re approaching half time, there’s an injury on the Galway side. I don’t care though, I’m pretty giddy at this stage, such is the level of relaxation. There’s such a pleasant smoothness to this Brewdog creation but I think of having a few of these at such a percentage. You wouldn’t be long drinking them before you’re calling for the taxi home, with a pretty awful kebab and a horrible morning ahead of you. So, heed the bottle’s advice and drink responsibly!

My mind continues to wander and I ponder if the King himself would have chosen this beverage to wash down the aptly named ‘Elvis sandwich’. Which, for the uninitiated is a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich, fried in a pan with optional chocolate spread added. Actually, I’d like to take the opportunity to give a shout out to General Merchants on Ormeau Road who recently had an Elvis Sandwich on the menu (of course I had one and it was class). But of course, if you’re going to go down the road of testing your digestive system in such a fashion regularly, definitely keep the emergency services on speed dial.

The half time whistle just blew, the bottle is empty and ready for the recycle bin. Brewdog’s Elvis Juice is fantastic, it’s a smooth talking, no nonsense IPA that can set you up for a great evening. Definitely check it out if you see it in your local.

Class-o-meter 4.1/5


Bees Endeavour – Honey & Ginger ale (by Whitewater Brewing Co.)

Stu’s thoughts : 

 This one is made with real bees, so you know its good.

DISCLAIMER : THIS DRINK IS NOT MADE FROM BEES. It might be made with honey though I’m really not in a position to say either way. It could be made by bees. Lots of them all clocking into work every day. How many bees would it take to open a brewery?……

I was excited to give this one a go as the it comes from a local award-winning brewery in County Down. WBC is also the home of famous brews such as Maggie’s Leap and Belfast Black. Having only tried a few of their bottles i was ready to experience their other wares.

The thing about this one is that despite it boasting a honey and ginger golden ale claim on the label – only a third of that statement is true. The ale is indeed golden. Unless you’re talking about the flavours that connoisseurs and pundits claim to experience. Ghost flavours if you will. Those “notes of willow grass drifting sensuously over fields of wheat and barley” types.

If that’s what they’re referring to then YES by all means, work away fella! In that case : I get hints of Brontosaurus and roasted parsnip. Grass fed hedgehog. A DVD box set of Teachers featuring Andrew Lincoln…..

Bees endeavour tastes like every other craft beer or pretentious brew you’ve ever tried at the insistence of that one mate who’s like “Nah try it, this ones different”. It’s not an offensive taste but this one feels unwilling to commit to its moniker. 

This 4.8% brew-boi is enjoyable, but it’s not doing anything that a cheaper golden ale isn’t doing taste=wise. Theres no sting or burn. It’s sweet sure but it’s very subtle. I definitely would recommend this one for fans of the crafted ale. While the flavour is not as full as i want it to be – it is well-rounded and pleasant.

In conclusion I think the bees should work harder and I look forward to trying their other titles. All in all : It was good. I drank it. Would I drink it again? Yeh. I would. A fine nectar, lads, just not  to my tastes.

2.2/5 ginger bees.

bees endeavour crazydiscostu

Seán’s Thoughts:

Just like the teams, I made a change at half time too and running on from the dugout is Bees Endeavour by Whitewater Brewery. I’m pretty excited about this as it’s made with Honey & Ginger and I’ve an exceptionally sweet tooth, passed down through generations of O’Neill dessert fanatics.

I lash the bottle open eagerly to unearth a sweet smell, I’d imagine this is what a bee’s fart smells like. As if a hive full of bees farted in your face at once, I imagine. Anyway, I take a jolly good swig of the bottle and notice the honey coming through right away. I wouldn’t be honey’s biggest fan to be fair, I remember my granda used to have a tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup which is basically pure sugar and I had a spoonful of it for the craic when I was wee. It sort of turned me off honey for the longest while until I was in a hipster cafe a few years back where it made an appearance on bacon. This drink’s pure lovely though, it’s quite sweet but not in the sickening way you’d get in other ales of this ilk. As mentioned earlier, if the aroma is a bee’s fart then this has to be the nectar from inside of the walls of the hive itself. As if you were in there with a whole rake of bees after they come home from a hard day of it and they just end up licking the walls as it’s so tasty in there. This is probably the ale they’d choose to get blocked on after all that graft.

Actually, here’s a wee bit of bee trivia. Bees tend to get drunk when out and about, due to being attracted to cider and other sweet booze. So they come back to the hive and there’s bouncer bees at the doors who see this lad staggering towards the b’door. They approach this drunk buzzter, probably say something like ‘not tonight pal’ and end up stinging him to death. Isn’t that mad? Think of all the times you’ve returned to your own hive after the sesh. Thankfully the worst you have is a hangover but sometimes, the hang can be so bad you’d be glad of the stinging. Ah, where was I at? Sure I was supposed to be reviewing this ale and headed on to talk about drunk bees being stopped by bouncers. I even got so distracted by all of this thinking and forgot to update the review with game highlights but I think there’s enough madness in there to tide everyone over. The game itself ended Galway 2-18 to Limerick 3-16 and Limerick get to take home the Liam McCarthy cup this year.

To wrap up, Bees Endeavour is one of the finer tipples I’ve drank lately, it’s just so nice to sip on as the taste stays with you until your next sip but it’s that moreish, you’re always looking forward to the next drop. I’ll happily revisit this ale for sure. Class-o-meter: 4/5

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