Top 3 Fortnite Players You Should Be Watching

Have you ever tried to explain the concept of Fortnite to someone? Somehow calling it “a mixture of Minecraft and Call Of Duty” doesn’t really do the game justice. Love it or hate it Fortnite is still the most-streamed game of 2018. We take a look at the players who make it so popular and why.
Released by Epic Games in 2017 this Online Competitive Survival-Multiplayer (OCSM or Battle Royale) allows up to 100 players to fight tooth and nail to be the last player standing. Using materials scavenged from the map the player can build walls and structures to assist them in eliminating the other players. The game boasts an easily accessible third person viewpoint which makes it enjoyable to watch and play.
The selling point of Fortnite over the likes of its main competitor PUBG (Player Unknowns Battlegrounds) is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cartoon-like graphics aside, the title is firmly rooted in an ultimately more humble place – from the opening skydive that proceeds each match (with its humorous parachutes, umbrellas and gliders) to the outlandish character mods and oversized weaponry, its plain to see why the title resonates with gamers of all ages. The game is satirical and a has an artistic theme all of its own.
The title has produced some of the biggest stars in the eSports community. Let us introduce you to 3 of them :


#3 Nickmercs

Nick Kolcheff (age 28) is an American body-builder and eSports streamer known predominantly for his Fortnite content on Youtube. He began streaming the game daily since its release and rose to fame after setting the World Record for most squad kills. This record has since been broken but that hasn’t stopped Nick amassing a very respectable following and streaming history in the franchise.
A well-respected player with a no-nonsense approach to gaming.


#2 Tfue

Turner Tenney (age 20) is an American eSports streamer and has been described by the Fortnite community as “The Best Player In The World”. Whether that is true or not he is very much the bad boy of the top 3, given his multiple bans and brushes with not only account hackers but with the stream-police themselves! Tfue was penalised for his selling of accounts with rare skins and handed a ban by the title. He was also banned by another streaming service for statements made during a live stream.
Tfue‘s mouth cashs cheques that his gaming ability can definitely handle. His streams are always entertaining though not for the easily offended.
He has gained over 5 million subscriptions at the time of writing.



#1 Ninja

If you havent heard of Ninja then i might enquire as to the size of the rock you’ve been living under. Richard Tyler Blevins (age 27) is the poster boy of eSports. Having rose to prominence in the community with his Halo skills and a brief stint with PUBG, it was really his Fortnite gaming that catapulted him into the public eye. The most followed streamer in the world has already gained over 11 million followers and 17 million subs on YouTube.
Ninja has used his platform to promote noble causes such as Mental Health Awareness and Alzheimer’s Trust. Along with many charity streaming events he has hosted his own eSports event Ninja Vegas 2018 in April where he broke the record for stream viewers at 667,000.
His streaming style has made him an amiable gamer to watch and a reason for many to begin streaming themselves.

There we have it. Do you agree with our selection? Who are your favourite streamers and why? Comment below and don’t forget to share.

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