Our Predictions for 2019

With 2018 drawing to a close, I thought (rather than do a “Best of the year/clip show rundown” article) LETS DO A 2019 PREDICTIONS POST ! Because a year from now I will need to write something for the blog and hopefully it will result in some sort of smug recapping. Speaking of which……

I began this blog in 2016 as an experiment to see if I could write coherently (and with frequency) on the subject of film and television. Having failed at that very modest task i decided in December 2017 that i would adhere to a strict post-per-week schedule. And so throughout 2018 i was able to achieve just that.

Since then the blog content has mutated to encompass the world of what I like to refer to as Nerd Culture. This can be defined as any subject that i can “get nerdy” about – cinema, streaming television, video games, technology, comic books, fandom, cosplay, literature etc etc etc etc etc.  I love what i do, nearly as much as i love that other people love what I do!

So before i make wild predictions for the coming year i just want to say a


to all the readers and supporters of the blog. Whether through our excessive meme-ing on the CrazyDiscoStu Instagram, the disjointed satire and sarcasm of the CrazyDiscoStu Twitter or the hollow social funnel of CrazyDiscoStu on Facebook – your interactions have been greatly appreciated.

Our Predictions for 2019 :


alexa google home crazydiscostu.jpeg

There will be a huge privacy scandal involving home assistants  – With privacy being at the forefront of everyone’s mind I think we’re going to see a huge revelation. Lets not forget this : https://www.legalcheek.com/2018/11/alexa-who-dunnit-amazon-echo-could-be-pivotal-evidence-in-double-murder-trial-in-the-us/

AI crazydiscostu nerd

There will be a scary development in AI – We’ve been warned countless times but we still go poking around with this stuff. We’ve already seen two AI’s talking in secret code. 2019 is going to bring us some new fresh AI hell-concept

security crazydiscostu

A massive data breach resulting in real world events – Military launch codes. The “football” briefcase being left unattended. Wiki-Leaks hijacked. Ebay hacked. Fraud on a global scale. Pick your favourite.

prison crazydiscostu.jpeg

A massive Hollywood/celebrity scandal – Weinstein plus Cosby.

death crazydiscostu

A slew of celebrity deaths akin to 2016 – we lost some legends that year.

earthquake crazydiscostu

A huge earthquake – of earth-shaking proportions. New Zealand is due a catastrophic superquake – lets hope it never comes.

disease crazydiscostu

A mad cow disease-type of infection – it’s been a while since we had one and we have to keep the thoughts of a Zombie outbreak going…

weather crazydiscostu

Apocalyptic weather – why not?

space crazydiscostu

A mass and significant UFO sighting – with legitimate shaky camera footage to document it.

mars crazydiscostu

Strange findings on Mars – something weird I reckon – bacterial life or an ancient civilisation. I’d settle for a giant statue or Starbucks outlet.

game of thrones crazydiscostu

Game of thrones final season breaks television records. Obviously – yeah, but seriously. “Biggest ever _________”










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