Is Alex Jones Really Bill Hicks ?

Could the King of conspiracy and the King of sub-culture comedy be one and the same person?? We explore the twisted theory that just wont die.

I know what you’re thinking : “Conspiracy theories? Old Disco has finally lost the plot. That. Is. Mental.”

I thought so too at first but some of the arguments for this theory are very compelling.

Apart from a striking resemblance between the two, both are Austin Texans who played college football and are known for their expressive and often heated delivery.

The key to all of this lies in Kevin Booth, Hicks’ school friend, business partner, director, producer and collaborator. Booth worked with Hicks right up until the comedians death of Pancreatic cancer in 1994.

Kevin Booth is also a producer and good friend to none other than Alex Jones, who he worked with almost immediately following Hicks’ death.

One of the last projects that Booth and Hicks worked on involved coverage of the siege in Waco, Texas – this was also the subject matter for one of the first collaborations between Booth and Jones.

As if the theory by itself wasn’t crazy enough – some have even gone as far to state that this elaborate switcheroo was conducted so that Hicks/Jones could become the leader of the mainstream medias “controlled opposition”.  A Zionist gatekeeper. Spokesperson for the Lizard people.

hicks jones crazydiscostu

The initial “identity” theory is at least plausible, though not quite palatable.

It goes without saying that the theory fits with Hicks’ Andy Kaufman-esque sense of humour. It would be a fitting tribute to his material to fake  his death and become the larger-than-life, conspiracy-reporting force of nature that is Alex Jones.

If you would like to take a deeper dive into this theory you’ll find a dark endless rabbit hole of videos on Youtube that deal with the subject.

ODD Reality’s video provides a fantastic overview of the “identity” and “controlled opposition” theories :

What do you think? Is there any weight to this? Comment below.

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  1. Of course Alex Jones used to be Bill Hicks just look at old pics before Jones had too much surgery.
    Lifelong friend of Bill, Kevin Booth who was also born 61 happens to still be good friends now he’s Alex.

    Anyway just look at him, he’s been around for a long time as Jones and still looks the same but, apparently born in 1974 which is a joke.

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