The Meg (2018)

Statham versus a big f***-off Shark! Whats not to like? We take a look at this deep-sea sci-fi horror and ask : Is it really worth a watch or do we need a bigger boat?

The Meg follows dive expert Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) and a group of scientists working on a deep-sea research station. The scientists encounter a 75-foot-long Megalodon Shark while on a rescue mission to the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Going into this one my expectations were pretty high. I envisaged a tongue in cheek retelling of Jaws with elements of Sharknado and Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure. What i wanted was a cheeky action film about one giant sharks journey of self discovery.

What i got was exactly that or at least for the most part. The film obviously sonar-echoes the likes of Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, and The Abyss but does so with a straight-faced charm all of its own. The premise is carried out with authenticity.

The film treats the idea of a big f***-off Shark with all of the absolute seriousness it deserves.

meg jaws crazydiscostu

The Meg is loosely based on the book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. Walt Disney Studios originally purchased the film rights to the book during the 90s, but after several years in development hell, the rights went to Warner Brothers who eventually found a way to make it work in 2015.

meg cast crazydiscostu

It would be easy to downplay any Jason Statham performance as being of a certain calibre – but lets face it – over the years that man has crafted his on-screen persona. The audience is prepared for the film just by seeing his name attached to it. It’s not gonna be a period drama.

Despite being a fantastic actor (obviously and most notably on the American version of The Office) I feel like Rainn Wilson is still trying to find his place within big-budget culture. He turns in a solid performance in his role as millionaire backer Jack Morris.

The characters in the film seem unaware of the mistakes of the characters in other giant shark films but as this is a staple of most horror films I’ll let that slide. What really troubled me was the disturbing trend of characters within this fictional scientific community that were willing to sacrifice their lives for the good of the team.

There is also an overt and palpable sexual tension between the 3 main female characters and Jason Stathams character. I’m not sure if this was achieved purposefully or wrecklessly but it doesnt really add anything to the characters.

The most unbelievable part of this movie was the sheer volume of holidaymakers at the resort….

meg poster crazydiscostu

This film was enjoyable but it felt like it should’nt have been. I feel dirty now but not in the way I should. The execution was what gave this film legs (or fins). Everything about it was well produced in the face of absolute absurdity.

It’ll never be Jaws. Hell, it’ll never be Deep Blue Sea, but despite the obvious similarities I don’t believe The Meg wants to be anything other than The Meg.

It could comfortably straddle the line of being a “guilty pleasure” film without committing to either side of that good/bad critique.

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