Geeks Of Grandeur : Bringing The Geek!

This post i’m highlighting the fantastic work of Geeks Of Grandeur. Who are they? And why should you care? Read on!
Who are Geeks Of Grandeur?
Geeks of Grandeur is a Colorado-based nonprofit that enriches the days of hospitalized children through video games, cosplay, and pop culture. It was founded by Carleen and Kenny in 2018. Carleen is originally from Minnesota and spent 5 years in Los Angeles working in the film industry, but Colorado has always been home. Although she doesn’t game too much anymore, she grew up on Sega Genesis. Kenny is originally from Chicago, spent 7 years in the Army as a medic, and has over 20 years of video gaming experience.
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What is it that Geeks Of Grandeur does?
Our primary work is to build portable, medical grade video game carts and donate them to hospitals for children and their families to use during their time of healing. We can provide VR equipment and portable gaming consoles to better meet the need of individual clinics. We also offer cosplay and pop culture events (movie nights, game nights, etc) to provide fun, unique experiences for the kids and give them a chance to meet their favorite superhero or heroine.
Why is this work so important? 
We feel our work is important because the children who are affected be lengthy hospital stays have nothing else to focus on but being in the hospital. By providing them with a great source of entertainment they can focus on something other than being in a hospital bed. It’s a healthy means of escape that can actually aid in their healing process.
Favorite Superhero and why?
Favorite super hero? Wow this is tough, there are so many great heroes out there. Carleen is all about empowering women, so Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are currently at the top of her list. For Kenny it would be Deadpool, though more of an anti hero, it is his personality and humor that makes Wade his favorite.
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Favourite film and why?
Favorite film is another tough question to answer. Carleen is a lover off sci-fi, so probably Star Trek Beyond. In another life she would’ve gone to Star Fleet Academy, and that movie is a great mix of adventure, humor, heroism, and character development. For Kenny Civil War would be the current top. The transition of Bucky is depicted amazingly, the way they filmed him in the roles of Winter Soldier and Bucky is really cool and interesting.
If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?
For Carleen it’d be Angelina Jolie. Her work as a humanitarian is inspiring, and Lara Croft Tomb Raider was one of the first movies she saw that featured a kick-ass female as the main character. For Kenny this is easy, Ryan Renolds! He is a stand up guy working with children in the same way we do and he is hilarious!
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How can people get involved in GOG?
We have a number of ways people can get involved year-round listed on our website ( which include donations, charity streams, Facebook fundraisers, and getting GoG swag. If you’re in Colorado, we also have a new Facebook group that we’ll use to announce event info and volunteer opportunities:
Where can we find you?


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