Untappd – Drink Socially

One of the cool things about curating content for CRAZYDISCOSTU.COM (aside from getting to drink lots of very cool beers, free swag, meeting brewers from around the world, the fame, the fortune………) is that we get to immerse ourselves in a culture we love.

Upon first inspection of the app, I dismissed it as gimmicky – a waste of time and space on my phone’s already bursting storage. Then I discovered the functionality of Untappd

I’ve used apps for beer before but usually after 10 minutes they are deleted. They are a dime-a-dozen and tend to have no value aside from being a web portal linking the user to a web page. This is where Untappd comes into its own. The app stands apart from web-based content and actually serves the user as an app!

The premise is simple : Check into your beer.

The app gives the user the ability to check into their brew (much like a Facebook or Foursquare check-in) by name or utilising the built-in bar code scanner. This will display information about the brew such as alcohol %, brewery, and type. The user can then rate the brew, upload a photo of it, write a review and update details of purchase.

Untappd shows trending and popular beers aswell as locations associated with beers such as breweries and bars. Using the location function the app updates the network to show everywhere that this brew is available. Essentially a community of like-minded beer enthusiasts giving each other directions to their favourite brews. Very hand if you fancy a certain brew but can’t locate its whereabouts.

crazydiscostu untappd badges

With each check-in there are badges to be obtained, much like Foursquare, with event, location and time-restrictive rarities up for collection.

The very humble Greg Avola (co-founder and CTO) in his 2013 Google talk pointed out that the aim of the app is “discovery and sociability”. He said the app promotes the idea that drinking is a social event and the app promotes it responsibly. He characterises it as a social app for beer enthusiasts.

Untappd has been instrumental on my journey into craft brews, nudging me towards trying new beers, developing a palette and discovering breweries. Cans Across The World would be lost without the services of Untappd.

You can check it out free on your Android or iOS. Happy supping!



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