The Division (Game Review and Spotify Playlist)

The Division was recently made available for free by both Ubisoft and Microsoft‘s Games With Gold scheme for XBOX. This move has introduced waves of new players to the modern wasteland and at a time when sitting at home playing games is at a peak in popularity.

Having never played the franchise I was eager to get stuck in, especially as I was looking for a robust online experience for myself and a few friends (EA‘s Battlefront 2 wasn’t really cutting it). 

The first thing that struck me was the timing of Xbox Games With Gold‘s release of this title. The plot revolves around a viral flu epidemic which essentially shuts the country down and causes havoc on the streets. Major cities are placed in quarantine and gangs roam the streets…. A familiar plot given the recent events but one that enticed me even more.  

The Division is classified as an “Action Role-Playing, Third Person Shooter” which is a mouthful. It’s basically an enjoyable romp around a cityscape, with guns. It’s a sandbox to stomp around in.

The impressive AI mechanics of the enemies is my favorite part of gameplay. Enemies will actively push the combat and attempt to outflank you at every opportunity utilizing cover and weapon type to press the attack. This dynamic leaves the player no choice but to repel multiple attackers. 

The sections of the city being divided into skill levels also makes for a nice feature. As a lowly level 6 player you are free to venture into level 26 territory, but you’re going to get your arse handed to you! 

The missions can seem quite self contained if you don’t avail yourself of the matchmaking option. Sometimes this can take a while to complete, other times it’s fairly instant. 

If the urge to tackle a mission doesn’t grab you, then basic patrolling of the streets throws up some good opportunities for collecting gear, helping civilians (in return for gear), gathering supplies and shooting fools. 

The soundtrack is atmospheric and involving at the correct moments and triggers, however we’ve put together a playlist to compliment your gaming experience. Slap on our Spotify playlist and clear the scum off the streets with this ramped-up compilation :

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3 soldiers walk through a city in the game the division

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