Is Roblox The Oasis?

To me it was always one of those Minecraft-type of gaming experiences that i was marginally aware of as a matter of pop culture, but one that i had never personally experienced. To me it looked like a kids game. Not that there’s a problem with games that look like that but they don’t tend to be a personal gaming trend.

With a spare afternoon i decided to broaden my horizons and give Roblox a go.

The best way to think of Roblox is probably in the terms of the film/book ‘Ready Player One‘, or at least The Oasis itself – but without the sophisticated bells and whistles. Roblox offers the gamer an avatar to customize, which can then be used in multiple gaming arenas and settings. The main difference being that there is no all-encompassing points system. Each game represents a unique world with it’s own set parameters and points systems.

The comparison must have been recognised on some level with the company running a collaborative event :

“Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system that allows users to program games and play games created by other users.”

From a gamer point of view this represents countless possibilities for worlds and scenarios. The most appealing thing about this format is that the content is user-generated.

The platform hosts these user-created games coded in the programming language Lua ( ). The games themselves span multiple genres and can also include the option for first person perspective (much like Minecraft).

Roblox is free to play but offers in-app purchases to sustain the games through it’s virtual currency ROBUX. As with most games there is a pay to win aspect that doesn’t hinder the regular gamer.

I began playing Roblox on Xbox and soon realized that it was available as a mobile/tablet experience. Some the games translate better to a mobile setting (specifically the ones listed below). Profiles and games can be accessed on different hardware platforms which makes it an accessible gaming choice.

There is definitely an addictive quality to this platform, especially if you find a world to invest your time and effort in. My personal recommendations would be :

Work at a Pizza Place – The name describes this one perfectly. The game offers positions within a bustling pizzeria : Counter staff, Chef, Boxer, Delivery driver and Manager. This one is highly addictive and encourages teamwork and communication. It boasts the addictive quality discussed above and harkens back to the mobile games of the cooking genre.

Ghost Simulator – A Ghostbusters-style MMO environment. Users utilise a ghost vacuum to suck up poltergeists and then deposit the Ectoplasm.

IMPOSTOR – The Roblox version of ‘Among Us’. Highly addictive and very enjoyable. Perform tasks and observe fellow agents to ascertain the identity of the impostor.

Survive The Killer – Based on the classic Hide/Seek model, this one is exciting. The music intensifies when the killer approaches and it’s genuinely exhilarating.!

Airport Tycoon – Simple. fun. Build an airport. Fly the planes. Build stuff.

Roblox is not exactly Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s not going to blow your mind with its sweeping character arcs and involving narrative – but there’s something very special going on here. As a platform it is hugely community-focused and opens the door for gaming developers to create unique playable environments.

Essentially its the closest iteration of The Oasis that exists today and i’m here for it.

Stu Luke


  1. Lol. I play Roblox. You said it’s not exactly RDR2 , but I find there is one game that is very similar called “The Wild West”. It’s actually really good. Impostor is just a copy of Among Us , like Pokémon Brick Bronze (but that got taken down). Nice!

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    1. I’ll check that one out, cheers! I need some new worlds to explore.

      My point was that RDR2 was an immersive plot that had me hooked from the offset. Roblox doesn’t have the opportunity to tell that type of story. Thanks!


      1. Ah , alright. I agree , even though I’ve never played RDR2 (I’m asking for it for Christmas tho)

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