Beer : Pink Vinyl and Luftballon (Signature Brew)

Those lovely dudes over at Signature Brew very kindly sent us some of their Limited Edition Seasonal range to wrap our taste buds around.

Signature Brew as a brand has always been strongly aligned with and inspired by music, (having collaborated with the likes of Mastodon, Idles, alt-J, Slaves, Mogwai, Frank Turner, Rodney P, and Enter Shikari to name but a few) but it was a welcome surprise to have a curated playlist accompany each beer. I’ve included them with the reviews. ENJOY!

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Pink Vinyl, Fruited Gose

If you followed my content then you’ll know i’m a sucker for a good matte grip sticker on a can. Theres just something about it. Pink Vinyl shows off that very texture with records breaking and a psychedelic pink to match.

The tin boasts include 4.6% ABV and a 5 on the IBU scale. There’s a promise of black Cherry and Raspberry with Hibiscus and Sea Salt.

On the nose it delivers a fermented and fruity sour smell but nothing too overpowering. The pour is a pink to match the can that darkens in color with mass. No head but well carbonated on the eye.

The salty sour notes are evident from the first touch on the lips, smoothing out for the middle taste and rounding off the fruit in the aftertaste. This is a full-bodied sour that backs up its previous Raspberry-claims. The Cherry is evident in the mid-taste but it leans heavily on the berry.

I’d best describe this one as a sour-drinkers sour. It’s got all the hallmarks that make the style appealing but slightly thicker body to back it up. If you’re into this genre you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For me it’s 2.9 Goseberries out of 5.

signature brew luftballon fruited gose craft beer review nerd blog geek site gaming tech beer film tv product reviews

Luftballon, Festbier

I think we’ve already established my weird dose-of-the-horn for matte stickers with the last review. All i’ll say about it here is that a mixed texture sticker does the same thing for me again….

Judging by the curated playlist for this one it’s safe to say that Signature have a sense of humor about themselves, which is a refreshing commodity in todays brewing arena.

I’m expecting something distinctly golden ale-oriented, going by the can boasts. 5.5% ABV and 24 IBUs.

The nose registers toasted malty goodness and the promise of a light and musty-sweet sup. On the pour-front Luftballon is a pale and thin blonde with long legs and small head.

Diving head-first into this one theres less of a toasted malt quality as the smell led me to believe, which is absolutely a bonus. It’s got a very smooth golden ale quality about it which, much like the Pink Vinyl, delivers a far richer finish.

This is my favorite from their range so far. A great all-rounder and very smooth on the palate. As the can kindly dictates “Don’t drink 99 of them” which seems more like a personal challenge…… 3.7 Red Balloons out of 5.

You can check out these brews and more on their site SignatureBrew.Co.Uk


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