The Pinter (The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co) Review

Those lovely boffins over at The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co have developed an all-in-one fresh brewing system for the consumer. We take a look at the product and the company who developed this brewing wonder.

The Pinter unit and Pinter packs supplied by The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co for review purposes.

The development of The Pinter has been a journey to say the least. The company spent years of researching and designing in the face of opinions to the contrary. The simple but gargantuan mission to put a taproom in every fresh beer fans home came up against 350,000 prototypes. It took them 7 years of honing that mammoth task into the box that arrived at my door today.

the greater good fresh brewing co. the pinter
Can you feel the excitement?

I’m not a brewer, i’m not even a home brewer – i’m a beer reviewer primarily, so it’s fairly exciting for me to go into this with little knowledge of the process. But to be crystal clear – THIS IS FRESH BREWING.

the pinter emerging from the box
The Pinter packaging itself is a treat!

What Is Fresh Brewing?

Not to be confused with Home Brewing – Fresh Brewing is beer in its most optimum state : straight from the conditioning phase and ready to be sampled. The brew will hold this peak flavor for around 3 weeks (depending on the brew), fresh from the tap and not sitting in a can. I think we’re all in agreement : Fresh beer is best!

How Does The Pinter Work?

The flavor of the beer develops during fermentation – which happens inside The Pinter. Beer in bottles and cans is very often packaged months before being sold. Much of the flavor degrades over time, so that beer from the shelf did not start life tasting that way. Once conditioned, the beer is ready.

By adding the Fresh Press, yeast and water, the fermentation process begins and the brewing takes place. After a set period of time the conditioning phase begins and the brew is naturally carbonated. It’s that simple and from what I’ve heard – very difficult to mess up!

You can read an interview with Master Brewer Evangelos Tsionos here.

whats in the box. the pinter

Whats In The Box?

The Pinter – a BPA Free textured body, with a stainless steel/powder coated steel handle. Size: 380mm L x 245mm W x 220mm H (fridge friendly) Weight: 1kg 

Brewing Dock – this is where the magic happens! Any yeast and residue settles into the Brewing Dock through the fermentation process which is then detached.

2 X Pinter Packs – containing Fresh Press (a hand-selected blend of quality ingredients. The Pinter team “intensify the Presses by taking water out at no more than 65°C in a vacuum chamber”) in styles of your choosing, yeast and Pinter purifier. The packs come in letterbox-friendly packaging which results in less CO2 and less waste (reduces your carbon footprint by 50%, compared to traditional home drinking). Each pack can brew 10 pints!

fresh brewing cider
Cloudy Nine Cider

Lets Fresh Brew !

Scanning the QR code on your phone or tablet will take you to the interactive instructions complete with animations and Stu/idiot proof directions.

I began by giving my work area (kitchen) a good scrub, much to the appreciation of my fiance. This is to ensure i’m working in a clean environment and to ensure no contamination enters the The Pinter. It’s just good business as well isn’t it ?

Purifying (4-8 mins) : There are a series of steps associated with cleaning the machine itself. As stated, these are detailed in the instructions.

Brewing (2-5 minutes) : Adding the water, yeast and fresh press. We leave the brew for the designated brewing period and an excruciating wait. This is different for each brew. For the Public House IPA this is 4 days (minimum) but i’m going for 5.

Conditioning (2-5 minutes) : The final stage. The Pinter is moved to the fridge to condition for the designated time. For the Public House IPA this is 3 days (minimum) but i’m going for 7. (I’ve opted for these longer times to ensure optimum clarity, carbonation and flavor)

Lovely, lovely beer : The Greater Good recommend drinking the brew within 7 days of tapping.

fresh brewing beer
Public House IPA

Now that we’ve begun the fresh brew process the rest is just a waiting game. Check back with us at the start of December to see how the brew turned out. We’ll take you through the next steps in the process and do a tasting of The Greater Good Public House IPA.

Stay tuned!

Image by


The instructions and the unit itself are very intuitive. Despite there being solid steps that must be performed to brew – the process itself couldn’t be simpler.

Online ordering was convenient and there is a decent range of brews to choose from with a Stout release coming soon!

Price-wise this system is going to cost me a lot less than shelling out for a case of craft beers every couple of weeks and there’s definitely a certain pride to brewing your own – even if it is the real work of head-brewer Evangelos Tsionos and the team. (I’m not going to take credit for their work!) It doesn’t get much fresher which is a huge draw for me. And with Christmas approaching it feels good to be well stocked!

The Pinter has recently been added to the TIME MAGAZINE Best Inventions of 2020 list which is another great boost for the company.

The Pinter launch trailer

You can purchase THE PINTER from The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co (Launch price £75)

The Greater Good are very helpful when it comes to questions and support but there’s also a dedicated Facebook group where users share their tips on fresh brewing. It’s a solid community to help answer any questions you may have :

And now we wait…..

Taste test coming soon!


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