13 Memes That Ask : Who Fact Checks The Fact Checkers?

In these strange times it’s getting harder and harder to sift through the mountains of BS that clog up the internet daily. It’s a time when the mainstream media can’t be trusted regardless of where you sit on the political landscape.

Even the mighty Snopes.Com has been called into question and the human race has to now think for themselves!

Even memes are getting fact checked (see a couple of zingers from our Facebook at the bottom of the page!) which begs the question : Who Fact Checks The Fact Checkers?

Our Facebook got hit recently too! : Just to confirm – a Chinese protester did NOT use a giant spoon against a water cannon… ( that we’re aware of ……it was a meme…….)

…..and we don’t really care either way about the man in the bear costume – This is the offending meme :

And this is the notice i received about it – linking to an extended post that showed a man in a polar bear costume being arrested in 2014. As you can see – no polar bear is present.

What do you guys think? Is fact-checking fake news? Or are we too stupid to do basic research?


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