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We’ve all binged a fair amount of films over the week between Christmas and New Years. That vast black hole where days have no names, we live in lounge-wear and are fueled by turkey sandwiches and chocolate. With that in mind – today we’re looking at a spoiler site :

Does The Dog Die ?

We’ve all been there – emotionally invested in a story and its characters only to have the rug ripped out from beneath you when the dog succumbs to whatever fate the author has deemed appropriate for the story.

Maybe it’s a fate that spurs the protagonist into some sort of realization. Maybe the dog sacrificed itself in some heroic way. Maybe the dog was old and just succumbed to old age. Either way this type of character death seems to hit audiences the hardest.

Well fear not gentle souls! is a crowdsourced, emotional spoiler site for movies, tv, books and more. Their mission is to provide the easily-triggered with a spoiler for any related media.

Here I’ve entered The Truman Show (it was the first one that came to mind that wouldn’t have major spoilers)

As you can see there’s some useful information for the film regarding various themes predominantly involving animals.

The site also includes spoilers for pretty much any phobia (including bugs, horses, clowns etc), racism, sexual content, car crashes, explosions, gun-fire and sad endings to name but a few.


Basically it’s a spoiler site – so if little Timmy just lost his dog then you can check you’re not about to watch M***** And **. However outside of a few very extreme cases i can think of involving children being mildly upset, then what is the point of sites like this?

As we all know the best way to tell a good story is to not include anything that anyone, anywhere, at any given time may find triggering in any way shape or form. To not challenge ideas or beliefs – so that we may finally reach the end goal of having just a blank screen or book where a story should be.

No-one actively seeks out dogs dying as a niche (i would hope) but i find it surprising that trigger warnings and safe spaces are a sought-out theme of recent times. I’m equally surprised that the horror genre is still thriving given this recent school of thought. If audiences are seemingly so incensed by emotions they might possibly experience from a story, how is this genre not suffering?

I understand that perhaps a film may not be suitable for a person if it triggers a previously experienced trauma – if that is the case then maybe they shouldn’t read ANY book, or see ANY film or play ANY game and i wish those people the best of luck in never interacting with ANY media the world around them if it illicits that type of response.

We’re all affected by mental health concerns in different ways – but the best way to confront a problem will always be head on with some level of exposure – with fiction if necessary. Pain and trauma should be dealt with and i will relent that it should be handled delicately. I’m not saying “put on Jurassic Park” as soon as little Timmy gets home from his Grandfathers Dinosaur park that malfunctioned and nearly killed him – but you get where i’m coming from.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced a triggering piece of media (not including this article) ?

Stu Luke


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