Beer : Milkshake Stout (Rascals Brewing)

This is a Coconut, Vanilla and Chocolate Stout. What part of that sentence doesn’t intrigue and excite you?? This rich and creamy 440ml boi packs a reasonable 5.6% ABV.

You know how i love a good matte grip sticker on my tins? Those Rascals at Rascals Brewing adorned this one with a lovely purple one that tells the consumer everything they need to know.

Cracking it open its very much a “HELLO COCONUT” affair : the smell is sweet and roasted mocha. I dub thee – Mochanut! The pour is thin with a nice caramel head that isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. I feel sad that i have to disturb it to take a gulp, but i do, and find it difficult to stop.

The taste certainly is creamy. The vanilla is subtle with the chocolate and coconut evenly matched to duke it out. It isn’t as sweet as i imagined it was going to be, but then that’s possibly a good thing. A fantastic dessert stout that would compliment a good roast dinner.

I think this is the closest a brewer has got to replicating a chocolate milkshake in my opinion. Mouthfeel is thin for a stout but you don’t feel like you’ve had a meal in a glass afterwards which in this case is a blessing.

This one delivered everything it said it would. I will be revisiting this one again very soon!

Rascals Brewing, Dublin.

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