Demolition man (1993)

Mellow greetings! Today we take a look at what many have described as a “modern classic”, “a timeless piece of pop culture” and “an action fueled romp”. At least one of those statements is true. Resonate some understanding…

Others have described this as “just a film” which is also fair. For me it’s enjoyable on a social-commentary level. My favourite scenes being the interpretation of the future society.

From the offset we’re introduced to Sly (Spartan) at his most badass. He’s tough, bad to the bone, highly skilled and hard as nails. The line “Send a maniac to catch one” sets the film up nicely. Spartan has no qualms about hoofing himself out of the back of a military helicopter and into the flaming city below to save a bunch of hostages. He’s a cop who doesn’t always play by the book, but by-golly does he get the job done! Women want him, men want to be him etc etc

For some reason my brain always links this film with Mel Gibsons Forever Young which came out a year before. The use of cryogenic stasis perhaps? The early 90’s surely was the cryo film hayday! Meandering thoughts aside, it’s actually been a fairly consistent premise :

Demolition Man could’ve went down a very different route. Luckily for us it had a sense of humour about itself. Part action comedy, part sci fi adventure.The future is tediously boring which makes for the perfect setting. Even after a few years it stands as a stunning commentary on present day.

The action fans are treated to a hefty explosion and a fight scene within the first ten mins and periodically throughout.

Everyone’s favourite Bill Hicks impersonator Dennis Leary turns in a wonderfully 2 dimensional performance which actually compliments Huxley’s (played by Sandra Bullock) fetish for the 20th century.

Snipes at his maniac-best as Simon Phoenix. He inhabits these roles so effortlessly it makes you wonder how chilled out he is in real life.

There has been much online discussion about how to use the 3 seashell system of the future toilets. Both Stallone and Bullock claim to have knowledge of this but writer Dan Waters stated (paraphrasing) “I won’t tell you the actual secret, but I’ll tell you where it came from. There’s a scene where Stallone has to use a restroom. I’m trying to come up with futuristic things you’d find in there. I was having trouble, so I called my buddy, another screenwriter across town, asked him if he had any ideas. Ironically enough that guy was taking a dump when he answered the phone, looked around his bathroom and said ‘I have a bag of seashells on my toilet as a decoration?’ I said ‘Ok, I’ll make something out of that.‘”

Has it stood the test of time? Not overly but that doesnt mean it’s not a fun trip down memory lane.

Be well


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