Bad Boys (1995)

Welcome to BAD BOYS WEEK ! This week i’ll be posting my reviews of the Bad Boys franchise. Aren’t you some lucky ducks??

Not since Scarface and Miami Vice has the color-graded backdrop of Miami looked so sexy. Miami is simply beautiful and the iconic setting makes for the perfect backdrop in this nitro-fueled buddy-cop outing. The stylish fashion and lavish buildings compliment the slick back and forth between rich kid playboy Mike and (leading up to “being too old for this s***”) family man Marcus.

We’re dropped into the dynamic of their relationship early on – theres love in this claustrophobic sports car but it’s communicated by oneupmanship and sarcasm. This is not the “toxic masculinity” you’ve been reading about at The Mary Sue or in the latest Social Justice Digest. This is friendship. If you don’t berate your best friend are you even friends?

Its a Lethal Weapon dynamic if you must nail it down, but with more aggression, sass and swearing. Our heroes shout in each others faces but act as one unit, opposing and slightly dysfunctional but symbiotic nonetheless.

The soundtrack is 10 shades of 90s Michael Bay. Jablonski perhaps? No, this Mark Mancina who scored Speed and Twister. Two bloody fine films! Its missing some Clapton but it provides tension in all the right places. 

This film itself is pure Bay and cemented the man as the go-to for overblown action. This is the Bay that works, not that Transformers attempt he made. I think by now we’re all in agreement : there’s only one Transformers movie that matters and it wasn’t his (Transformers : The Movie (1986)(Film Review)).

The camera pans are straight out of Die Hard especially in the chopper scenes, and the film is laced with fast-paced cuts and energetic edits.

Martin Lawrence doesn’t get the credit he deserves here, which is to be expected next to the larger-than-life Will Smith, however this is an equal partnership. It’s give and take but with this outing it feels like Martin Lawrence bears the brunt of the duos comic relief with the writing leaning on Marcus being the funny one and Mike being the cool one.

joe pantoliano bad boys film review crazydiscostu

Joe Pantoliano as the long suffering captain is just solid gold, which is becoming a trait in each role he inhabits.

The plot with BB is verging on sitcom, the old identity switcheroo theme but only ever leans on this for mild comic relief.

Tea leonis character is written to be annoying : she’s militantly vegetarian and vocally against animal testing but she’s not above murder in the name of revenge.

Bad Boys is chock full of what i like to call : action-film-convenience. As highlighted in the wonderful Last Action Hero. Like stealing an Ethonal van from outside a nightclub. However it is at this point where even I am required by law to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride. This film is another healthy reminder that films can be taken too seriously, and if that’s Michael Bays contribution to cinema then I’m on board for that wild ride.

Bay knows his audience and its fiercely evident here. Hes not trying to make an artsy period drama and he’s not compromising his vision for anyone. BB looks and feels the way it should to tell this story.

A classic?

You can also read our review of BAD BOYS 2 and BAD BOYS 3 !


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