Beer : Anthology Imperial Stout (Signature Brewing)

It’s safe to say that not a lot of positivity came out of 2020. Signature Brews Anthology Imperial Stout is one of the exceptions…

There’s something very exciting about this tin. It could be that this represents the culmination of the breweries efforts over what has been for many, a turbulent year. For a brewery that focuses on live events especially it’s been a tough year. Despite the setbacks of the year, Signature Brew have developed a glorious 10% Imperial Stout.

On the pour there’s nothing noteworthy or out of sorts for an Imperial Stout. Thick and dark in colour and coating the glass as it settles with relatively no head.

On the nose it provides promises of dark roasted malt and coffee.

To taste Anthology by Signature Brew delivers a thickness you only hear about in rap songs : this is luxuriantly thicc. There is an unmistakable licorice flavour mixed with those aforementioned dark roasted malts and a velvety smoothness which carries coffee along for the ride with a hint of vanilla. The carbonation is low but difficult to gauge but this could be due to the weight of the brew itself. cansacrosstheworld signature brew anthology imperial stout beer review blog

There is a warming almost Christmas-themed alcohol burn at the end but almost inpercieveable given the style.

This is the 2nd edition of their 2017 masterpiece, remixed and as a thankyou to Signature Brew fans old and new.

Now the science bit : This Imperial Stout contains lactose, has an ABV of 10% and an IBU rating of 70. It has been brewed with a base of nine different malts, aged cacao nibs, vanilla and Williamette hops.

As with most of their beers Signature Brew have included a playlist to augment the experience of their brews. cansacrosstheworld signature brew anthology imperial stout


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