Syma X300 RC Quadcopter Drone

Being both a nerd and lover of tech, I find it hard to be believe it’s taken me this long to approach the subject of Drone Tech. The Syma X300 has been billed online as a fantastic introduction to this hobby, so i took this opportunity to get deep into the subject.

Disclaimer : Syma X300 supplied for review purposes

The Syma X300 comes in a modest box but includes everything needed to begin your Quadcopter journey. As you can see the contents are packed with efficiency and presentation in mind.

Syma x300 Quadcopter drone review crazydiscostu nerd blog

Opening the box the drone sits waiting like some sort of alien craft, sleeping, dreaming of the trees this new pilot will crash it into. The design is very sleek and ultimately sporty looking.

syma x300 drone review good starter drone

Drone Setup : Whats in the box ?

syma x300 unboxing review crazydiscostu nerd blog tech review
  • Quadcopter
  • USB Battery Charger
  • 2 X Drone Batteries
  • 4 X Spare Rotor Blades
  • 4 X Rotor Blade Protectors
  • Remote Control (4 AA Batteries not included)
  • Screw driver (for accessing remote control battery compartment)
  • Remote Control Mobile Phone Clip
  • Instructions, Guarantee and Safety Documents

Setup was easy. The arms of the Quadcopter fold out and the safety guards are then attached. I found this bit to be the trickiest part as i’m quite heavy-handed and have shovels for hands, but after a few minutes we were all set.

Next up it’s time to download the Syma Fly app (for Android or IOS). The drone can be used without the app but if you want to view from the onboard 1080p camera then it’s a must. You can use the app to record video and photos from the camera, and the app can also be used to control the drone with 2 virtual control sticks.

The instructions are fairly comprehensive and once the protective guards are attached it really is a plug and play scenario. Download the app, charge the battery and away you go !

syma fly app x300 drone quadcopter crazydiscostu review

Let’s fly !

Taking the X300 up a few things occurred to me : being a virgin drone pilot I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing! This in itself is a tremendous thrill. I’ve always found that the best way to learn anything is to just jump in and have a go (with the exception of practices that could possibly hurt or maim of course!).

Starting off it’s evident that piloting is harder than it looks but after a few minutes the basics are instilled.

The drone took a few bashes within the first session. It took a licking but kept on kicking. My confidence grew with each minute of flight time and after about ten minutes I was able to maneuver with confidence. Not exactly Top Gun but better. The main thing to remember is which way the drone is pointing, which seems easy in theory but in practice the drone could be a fair distance away when you have to gauge this.

My test flight was within the safety of my garage which resulted in a few bad crashes so i progressed to the back garden. This proved equally drastic as the garden has a bit of a wind tunnel going on which greatly affected the maneuverability of the drone in certain areas.

This test flight did give me a good idea of how sensitive the controls and influence of the wind affected flight. Given the right conditions, which i discovered in my local park, the X300 can clock some great speeds.

The 1080P camera is surprisingly good quality and remained consistent with the WIFI connection to my phone. The video camera view would be fantastic with a VR headset if anyone is that way inclined. Here’s a photo so you can see the quality captured :

x300 drone review nerd geek blog website crazydiscostu

Features of the Syma X300 WiFi RC FPV Quadcopter Drone

  • 1080p HD camera and FPV real-time Wi-Fi Transmission
  • Smart APP Control for both camera and flight
  • Advance Optical Flow Positioning
  • Low-voltage protection and over-current protection
  • Propeller Guards
  • One Key Take-off / Land function
  • Hover function
  • 360°Stunt Flip Function
  • High/Low Speed Function
syma x300 fpv drone 1080 camera beginner drone

Final thoughts on the Syma X300 Quadcopter Drone

This product review has been a real eye-opener for me and i’ve loved taking the Syma X300 Drone for a test fly! I’ve spent a week with the drone and have seen remarkable improvement in skill. I don’t think Attenborough is going to be calling me up anytime soon to film wildlife specials but hopefully i’ll get good enough not to crash into stationary objects!

This really is a fantastic starter drone for anyone hoping to get an introduction to the hobby.

Charge time was around an hour for each battery and flight time was around 20 minutes per battery which meant i wasn’t waiting around for the charging time.

It’s worth noting that in some areas (depending on country) require a licence for piloting drones, as is registering your drone. You can find out more about this by checking out the handy FAQ over at Drones Direct.

You can purchase the drone from Amazon and even receive 15%off up until 18/04/2021 23:59 GMT using the promo code:FVJCCPPE

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