Brave (Xbox 360 Review)

It’s almost a rule at this stage – games based off movies are usually pants. It’s not a strict rule but it is fairly consistent. It almost seems like a test phase for developers to hone game mechanics – for instance – did the Iron Man game flight mechanics inform EA‘s Anthem?

With that in mind I wasn’t expecting much from Brave on the XBOX 360. God bless backwards compatibility and Games With Gold ! I loaded it up in an effort to gain Achievements during Microsoft’s Hall Of Fame campaign in 2020.

I’ll get straight to the point – you’re not going to pour a lot of time into this one. I rinsed it in around 3 hours and that was even watching the cut scenes and exploring each level to the fullest.

Our heroine is blessed with a sword and a bow – there’s really no need to ever use your sword. You can go whole levels with just the bow and XBOX even reward you for it.

The style is cute and colourful but still loyal to the film. This would make an enjoyable addition to any Disney gamers collection.

It was enjoyable and not too challenging is the point. It’s short and sweet. Achievements come thick and fast which is exactly what i wanted from this game. A decent afternoons gaming and slightly better than the film. Perfect skill level for the kids aswell.

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