Beer : Hoodblink Dbl Choc White Stout – Mad Squirrel Brewing

I got excited when this one landed and spent the week looking forward to trying it.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down to pour it, only to realise it was not the White Chocolate Stout I had previously assumed it to be, but instead a Double Chocolate White Milk Stout. The devil is in the details, my friend!

I must confess I have never crossed paths with a White Stout so it’s safe to say I got excited for a new reason on that front alone.

The Pour is dank as all hell, apricot orange and juicy brown with a slight cling on the glass and a thin foam. The smell gives nothing away initially but as it breathes there’s a wonderfully juicy vanilla vibe.

All expectations for this one went right out the window very quickly indeed. Initial juicy DIPA vibe which mellows in milliseconds – so juicy and moreish with no bitterness or harshness to it. Smooth mouthfeel and a hint of vanilla and peach sweetness with a passing hint of white chocolate and then it disappears.

The vanilla grows with each sip.

The can tells me this is a double version of their white stout and a one-time brew that is available from Mad Squirrel in 440ml boi or 20L Keg-boi.

This one packs an 8% abv but you won’t taste that. Sure, there’s an underlying girth to the flavours but it’s far too smooth.

My taste buds are confused, positively.

Stout-wise : yes it’s there but my brain is still trying to comprehend the intricate flavours at play here. More Imperial / Double / ????? than anything else.

If this is the hallmarks of a White Stout then I’m here for it.

I’d say I’m a fan but I would drink it sparingly.  This is a lovely quirky can of sunshine but I’m really struggling to put it into context. If Stout is a fireside Winter warmer then this White Stout is a summer-sipper at best analysis. A good opener for an afternoon of sunning somewhere perhaps?

Either way: It is new and interesting so that ticks my boxes.

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