Beer : Layer Cake, Marshmallow And Chocolate Stout (Brewdog)

Even the words on the tin have eased me into a bottomless sugar coma….. how did we survive Brewdog’s Layer Cake? Read on ……

This is the second tin I’ve purchased from the big-name brand supermarket that rhymes with Mesco. The first one met an untimely demise as we were unloading the groceries and gravity whipped it from my already vice-like grip on it. The can collided with the cement at terminal velocity and it’s sweet sticky goodness sprayed over myself and my better half, much to our rivaled consternation.

It was not a good day for anyone involved.

Luckily I’ve obtained a second can for “research purposes”.

Lets start with the description on the tin : Marshmallow Chocolate Stout is a warning more than anything – you’re going to be in for a treat. And I mean “treat” in every sense of sweet word.

Even from the pour there’s a luxuriant quality about it – not gloopy but you can tell by the cling on the glass it’s going to be sweet.

Beige caramel foam is thin and sitting pretty, helping to waft Stout and marshmallows with a hint of malty chocolate.

The foam begins to disappear as I contemplate wordage……

The first sip is mighty. Like liquid marshmallow and (would you have guessed?) chocolate. The initial taste is Stout in texture and taste, with the mid bringing smooth body and cream, then onto the aftertaste which is pure sweet delight giving way to roasted malts as a lingering hint.

This is probably the sweetest Stout available in big chain supermarkets at present and that’s Layer Cake‘s calling card. If sweet stouts aren’t your thing then you’d do well to give this one a miss. Alternatively I’d also say – give it a go – for the rest of us there’s a moreish quality to it that may not extend past 1 can.

The taste has that delicious pastry stout vanilla quality to it and none of the 7% ABV until it hits the stomach, like a good stout should!

For the Vegans out there it’s 100% friendly – it will literally take you to the cinema or bring your wheelie bin in for you. As for anyone trying to stay off the sugar i’m sure theres also a significant calorie count …….. why are you here? The clue is in the name. Be gone!

It’s a special treat and definitely a one-and-done beer for me. Very enjoyable!

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