White Russian, Coffee Cream Ale (Tiny Rebel Brewing)

Reading that title may have caused you some confusion so i’ll ease us into the review gently – Those absolute hallions over at Tiny Rebel have brewed a White Russian!

Now, I know what you’re thinking : But Tiny Rebel brew beer????? While that is true, it’s also worth remembering that Tiny Rebel make magical concoctions and are known for not only thinking outside the box, but also taking the box and flinging it over a rainbow!

That’s exactly what they’ve done here.

The colour is a dirty haze of brownish gold veering toward a Dude-like murk.

On the nose-palate there’s whiffs of coffee liquor and cream.

cans across the world crazydiscostu best craft beer blog

Taste-wise it’s all smooth and creamy, coffee and vanilla. If it wasn’t for the mid level carbonation i’d swear this was the Dudes favourite drink in a can.

It boasts a smoothness up front and sweetness in the mid-taste. Its got a bite in the aftertaste that is warming.

This is probably what the craft beer stuffed-shirt gatekeepers would call a “novelty beer” (because I guess that’s their blanket term for fun) but to everyone else it’s Coffee Cream Ale with tremendous flavour.

This is precisely Tiny Rebel‘s wheelhouse and I am here for it. Absolutely delicious and a new favourite from an exceptional brewery.

This dude abides.

cans across the world crazydiscostu craft beer reviews


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