Tony’s Hopolonely, Milkshake IPA (Brewdog x Tony’s Chocolonely)

This one from Brewdog can officially be placed in the “Eagerly Anticipated” column. Crafted beer (I can hear it now: “ThAtS nOT cRaFt BeEr” – stop being such a whinge you absolute gatekeeper! That’s why no-one came to your birthday party….) collaborations over recent years have been hyping up with an increasingly wider view in mind.

It’s with this view that we feverishly greet the courier dropping off this delivery from Brewdog!

Tony’s Hopolonely is a collaboration between Brewdog and Tony’s Chocolonely. It’s a White Chocolate and Raspberry Milkshake IPA.

Brewdog’s CEO James Watt teased the collaboration back in March and it is included in this months Brewdog and Friends box (more information on that below!).

Lets crack this one open and see how it goes, shall we?

brewdog tony's hopolonely cans across the world crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast craft beer

The waft is Raspberry and Vanilla goodness. You can tell this is going to be sweet from the odour alone. Tony’s Hopolonely boasts a very aromatic and positively sunshine filled smell. There’s something tropical underneath which borders on mango or pineapple.

The pour is a light amber haze, not murky but not quite transparent.

The taste is creamy smooth, lip-smacking goodness. You get a punnet of raspberries in each sip and that vanilla hint blends in to give it a creamy body.

There’s no harshness or bitter tones to Tony’s Hopolonely – it’s all sweetness and full flavoured.

brewdog tony's hopolonely brewdog and friends cans across the world crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast craft beer cansacrosstheworld

Initially this brew was supposed to clock in at 4..2% ABV and given the smooth taste you wouldn’t be able to tell. The only hint at the actual 5.7% ABV is in the aftertaste, and even then it’s very subtle.

A lovely creation, and a lovely collaboration. I’ll be revisiting this one at every available opportunity.

You can find Tony’s Hopolonely in this months Brewdog and Friends subscription box via the link: .

The box features 8 collaboration beers and you can claim your first box free (just pay £3.95 postage)!

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