Beer : What Does The Fox Say? Kveik IPA (Brewski Vs Örebro Brygghus)

After our recent post outlining what Kveik Beer is, it would be foolish not to review one! We’ve got hold of this collaboration between Brewski and Örebro Brygghus which fits the bill nicely! Read on.

My Nordic heritage is what steered me toward this one. My ancestors were known for sitting around the fire after a hard day’s Vikinging, sipping a brew and talking at length about the flavour profile. Time to do them proud once more….

The pour is murky Pure Orange and hazy sunshine yellow. On the nose it delivers tropical notes of mango and pineapple by the truckload. It’s a tropical slap in the face from the sun itself.

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In the mouth WDTFS is full-on with the flavour. It’s a heavy number to be sure and pushes that tropical flavour upfront with a brief hint of citrus. The carbonation is low and there’s a dry mouthfeel to it.

This one has a light bitterness in the back end but nothing to steer away from the juice. It’s sweet but barely so.

This 330ml boi feels heavy enough but not for the 6.5% ABV, more from the taste.

What Does The Fox Say? Nom Nom Nom Nom Kveik Kveik!

Brewski Beer, Sweden.

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