PetGeek PlayBone

Who says dogs can’t be geeks as well? Today we’re playing with this PlayBone from the folks over at PetGeek. It’s an interactive dog toy that may provide as much entertainment for owners as it does for pets!

PlayBone supplied for review purposes.

Welcome to the 21st Century! We don’t have the flying car yet but what we do have is intelligent dog toys!

petgeek petbone dog toy

This one from PetGeek is motion-activated which is a fairly interesting concept – it means your four-legged friend can paw at the toy to activate it. Essentially they’re in control of their own play-time!

The PlayBone is a bright, bone-shaped toy made from plastic and durable rubber. As you can see the shape is instantly appealing to dogs and encourages them to get their teeth around it. The ends of the PlayBone act as wheels, pushing the toy across the floor and enabling the unit to spin on the spot and monouver through a series of pre-programed turns and routes.

PlayBone comes pre-programmed with moving patterns intended to awaken the hunting instincts of your dog. It’s safe to say this is the equivalent of using a laser poiunter with a cat, but the dog can actually catch the bone!

Charging time is around an hour and a half, resulting in about 2 hours of use. The unit goes into standby after a series of movements to conserve battery but can be easily awoken by the dog pawing the green tag.

petgeek playbone dog toy amazon

Tech Specs :

Voltage 3.7 V/ Wattage 1.5W with Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery built-in.

850 mAh.

USB cable included for charging.

Rubber shells are dishwasher safe and can be easily replaced.

Weight : 270g

Size : 207mm Length, 117mm Width, 64mm Height.


I had an absolute blast playing with this – nevermind the dog! It is a very clever and engaging toy idea and PetGeek have executed it well. The box reliably informs me that the PlayBone won a Fear Free Award at the Global Pet Expo 2019.

It’s entertaining and would be ideal for days indoors or specifically for dogs with seperation anxiety.

It looks to be fairly robust but i wouldn’t introduce it to an aggressive chewer (so Penny is getting nowhere near this one!).

The charging cable is a standard USB which is pretty handy and it’s easy to take the unit apart to clean.

petgeek playbone dog toy best dog toys crazydiscostu product review

PetGeek PlayBone

If you want to check PlayGeek’s site :

Or get your very own from Amazon (For the dog. Obviously……) :

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