TrueAir2 Airpods (Soundpeats)

The Airpod/Earbud market has been flooded over the last year or so. It’s safe to say every portable audio specialist has their own version out on the market. With the giant in this field offering their product at an extorionate price i thought it was time to shop around.

The TrueAir2 Earbuds come with a sleek charging case. What impresses me most is the size – It’s small which means not a millimeter is wasted. It also means I don’t have to cart around a big pair of headphones.

The case itself is light but sturdy with both the front opening and back hinge clearly visible and defined by the small Soundpeats logo on the top.

Inside, the Left and Right buds are clearly indicated and moulded for comfort. The charging and operation lights are clear and bright. There’s even a magnetic snap-in design that ensures the buds don’t move around within the case or become detatched during charging. A handy feature for those who may be on the clumsy side!

The buds themselves feature a handy function button on each and the manual clearly explains how to operate them. The user can easily adjust volume, skip songs or answer the telephone from these function buttons. The functions keys are easy to use and receptive to the touch.

Battery-wise, the earbuds provide around 5 hours per charge with the case offering 4 additional charges.

The buds are comfortable to wear and boast impressive sound quality, offering a deep range with wide stereo and decent bass response.

Taking a telephone call was simple and clear even in a noisy outdoor area.

Tech Specs

Qualcomm QCC3040 chip built-in and Bluetooth 5.2 technology.
Dual Mic & cVc Noise Cancellation.
TrueWireless Mirroring technology.

  • What is TrueWireless Mirroring? Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology delivers robust, seamless connectivity for a truly immersive audio experience. With mirroring technology, only one earbud maintains the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, while the secondary bud mirrors the connected bud. If a consumer removes the connected earbud, the secondary earbud assumes the connection with zero interruption. Or if the connection between the smartphone and mirroring bud is stronger than the connected bud, the connection will invisibly swap to ensure the best possible connection.
  • How do the dual mics work? One mic is for capturing your voice in the best way, the other is for reducing the ambient noise around. Both mics work together to optimize the call performance. Each earbud has 2 mics built in. You can make calls with single earbud or both together as needed.


Having tried the market leader i can safely say theres nothing between them from a consumer point of view. Unless you count the price difference of about £150!

You can purchase the TrueAir2 Earbuds from Amazon by following the links below:

Black :

White :

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