Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker

We take a look at the Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker and compare it to the Fitbit Charge 2. Who will will win? They’re fitness trackers, so the real winner here today is health! Calm down.

SW352 supplied for review purposes.

“Stu, how do you stay so trim?”

“You’re the picture of health! How do you do it?”

“Who are you and how did you get inside my house?”

I’ve had to fend off questions like this for some time now. The secret? A heavy regiment of beer and video games.

Aside from that i enjoy walking and being able to count the steps is a huge bonus. I was already in the market for a fitness tracker, as the second-hand Fitbit Charge 2 I’ve been using is coming to the end of its life.

Lucky for me this little number came along when it did! I’ll be comparing the 2 units as i go, at least in some desperate way to explain why I’ve been wearing both all week.

Willful fitness tracker sw352 amazon review
Left : Fitbit Charge 2. Right Willful SW352

Out of the box setup for the Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker was very simple, not only did the unit come fully charged but the linking/binding process literally took seconds.

The accompanying Veryfitpro app is available from the Google Play and Apple App stores and was easy to locate and install. With the app you can set the display and the phones level of interaction with the tracker, such as calls and messages which can be displayed on screen.

Willful fitness tracker sw352 amazon review box nerd tech

The Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker comes in slightly smaller than the Charge 2. Not being a fan of watches or jewelry, I like my fitness trackers to be small, not like the chunky smart-watch crowd of Apple. This one is smaller even by comparison. The display is functional and concise, not a fraction of wasted space and shows connectivity, battery level, day, date and time at a glance.

The function button reveals your step count, heart rate and exercise modes.

To be perfectly critical in comparison i did notice that the SW352 lost around 1000 steps in an average 10,000 step day when compared with the Charge 2. This could be down to the calibration (which i didn’t bother with) as you can set the measurements for your average stride. As i’m a lanky sod this could be the reason.

Battery-wise : my Charge 2 went through 2 charges (the irony!) during the test week whereas the SW352 was still around 75%. Again, this could be because the Charge 2 is on its last legs but even so its worth noting.

tech review nerd Willful fitness tracker sw352 amazon review

Tech Specs

Features :14 Training Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitor, Call and Message Notifications, Color Screen, Multiple Sports Tracking, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Adjustable Brightness, Calls/ SMS/ SNS/ Sedentary Alert, USB Charging Port.

Size : 0.96 inch

Compatible with : IPhone ( iOS 8.0 or above) Android Phone (Android 4.4 or above) HUAWEI Samsung LG and other brand with android os

Display : LCD


Not a bad piece of kit. I like the design. It’s unobtrusive and aside from the app UI or detailed analytics there’s not much difference from the Fitbit Charge range. The price point does make a huge difference with this unit clocking in around £100 cheaper.

Where can i get one?

You can pick it up from Amazon by clicking here.

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