One Pure Thought, Rice Lager With Sicilian Lemon (Signature Brew x Hot Chip)

It’s my birthday this weekend and this tin came just in time for it! There’s something very special about a beer delivery on your birthday. Sure, there’s presents and friends, family and good times – if you’re lucky. But when there’s a beer delivery that just makes it all extra special.

It was already a good time when this tin from London’s Signature Brew arrived.

Signature Brew have teamed up with English Synthpop funsters Hot Chip to collaborate on their latest limited edition brew. One Pure Thought is billed as a Rice Lager with Sicilian Lemon.

The pour is pale amber and for the most part transparent. There’s a slight foam cling on the glass and the aroma is crisp malted lager with a hint of lemon.

cans across the world beer review crazydiscostu signature brew

Taste-wise we’re dealing with a crisp rice lager to begin. The lemon is very subtle and comes through in the beginning and aftertaste providing a refreshing afterthought to smack your lips over.

The mouthfeel is thin giving One Pure Thought a light texture and making it a moreish and extremely refreshing lager.

The flavour is crisp and summery and would be ideal for a barbeque or beach beers setting. In fact you’d be hard pushed not to sink 4 of these in a sitting.

The style can be likened to Signature Brew’s Rewind Gluten Free Pale Lager but with a rice and lemon twist on the style. You can read the review of that here.

One Pure Thought weighs in at 4.8% ABV and has an IBU of 32. It’s suitable for vegans and boasts a matt grip sticker which always appeals to me from an aesthetic standpoint.

You can order One Pure Thought from Signature Brew’s website.

signature brew hot chip one pure thought beer review crazydiscostu

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