Battle Of The Breweries

Battle Of The Breweries has been causing a bit of a stir among the craft beer afficiandos for the last year or so, and they’ve finally opened it up for funding. It’s a card game that puts you in the driving seat of your favourite breweries! We got really excited when the lovely folks over at B.O.T.B. sent us information about their Kickstarter campaign and a pack of cards to get stuck into. Read on to find out more!

What Is It?

Battle Of The Breweries is a card game that officially partners with some of the worlds greatest breweries, to bring players a familiar and tangible experience. The information used on the cards within the game has been provided by the breweries themselves which lends a layer of accuracy not achieved by similar games.

In saying that, I’ve never come across a game quite like it. On the surface it appears to be a Top Trumps-style card game with some nifty artwork, but in reality it’s actually a fast-paced card game filled with rivalry and strategy…

And enough beer-nerdism to make a grown man cry!

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The Game

How does it work? I’ll let B.O.T.B. explain :

“Each player has taken over as the co-owner of a brewery.

You’ve been tasked with stocking your new taproom with a list of the best beers available to you, as well as the beers that you know will go down well with the local crowd.

Sounds pretty simple, but it looks as though your rival breweries have also decided to do the same thing.

You’ll have to Battle, steal and trade your way to the top in order to be crowned the worlds most popular brewery!”

Having recently held their first B.O.T.B tournament during the Notts Craft Beer Week, B.O.T.B will be holding special tournaments around the country on release! They will also be adding an app in December! Meaning you can not only collect your cards but battle online!

battle of the breweries crazydiscostu cans craft beer card game craft beer gifts beers

The Breweries Involved

As mentioned, B.O.T.B. has partnered with some fantastic breweries (110 to be exact!!), with many more on the way. Like anyone else, I’m a little biased when it comes to my local breweries, but it’s great to see the likes of Northern Ireland’s Lacada Brewing being represented here.

The following breweries are also involved:

USA – 2Toms Brewing Company | Against The Grain | Austin Brothers Beer Co | Back Bay Brewing | Barrier Brewing | Beer Zombies Brewing | Corporate Ladder Brewing | Devils Logic Brewing | Fort Nonsense Brewing Company | Ghost Town Brewing | Great Awakening Brewing Company | Humble Forager Brewing | Islamorada Beer Company | Kings Brewing Company | Lone Pine Brewing | Modist Brewing Co | Mortalis Brewing Company | Newburgh Brewing Co | Pontoon Brewing | Rusty Rail Brewing | TBBC | The Eighth State Brewing Co | Tripping Animals Brewing | Weathered Souls | Widowmaker Brewing | Wren House Brewing

England – Alphabet Brewing | Bread Brew’d | Copper Beech Brewing Company | Full Circle Brew Co | Little Critters Brewing Company | Liquid Light Brew Co | North Brewing | Siren Craft Brew | Squawk Brewing Co | Unbarred | Unity Brewing Co | Wander Beyond Brewing | Zapato Brewing

Peru – 3 Postales

New Zealand – Rhyme And Reason Brewery | Yeastie Boys

Latvia – Arpus Brewing Co

Australia – Batch Brewing Company | Dainton Beer | Hope Brewery | Nomad Brewing Co | One Drop Brewing Co | Pirate Life Brewing | Sauce Brewing Co | Wolf Of The Willows

Switzerland – Blackwood Brewery | Brasserie FMR | Tingel Tangel Beer

France – Brasserie Sainte Cru | Brasserie La Cacatoes | La Bouledogue | La Debauche | The Piggy Brewing Company

Canada – Brasseurs Du Monde | Daft Brewing | Junction Craft Brewery | Labrosse Microbrewery | Microbrasserie A La Fut

Sweden – Brekeriet | Brygghuset Finn

Spain – Cierzo Brewing Co | Garage Beer Co | La Pirata | Laugar Brewery | Naparbier

Finland – CoolHead Brew | Fat Lizard Brewing

Scotland – Coul Brewing

Netherlands – Floem Craft Beer | Moersleutel Craft Brewery | Uiltje Brewing Company | Walhalla

Chile – Granizo

Serbia – Kabinet Brewery

Brazil – Koala San Brew

Norway – Lervig AS

Belgium – Lupulus

Hungary – Mad Scientist

Germany – Mahrs Brau | Sudden Death Brewing

Denmark – Slowburn Brewing Co-Op

Austria – Stiegl

Russia – Taboo Craft Brew

battle of the breweries crazydiscostu cans craft beer card game craft beer northern ireland beer lacada

The Kickstarter

The folks over at Battle Of The Breweries have partnered up with CRAZYDISCOSTU.COM to give backers a very special gift : Everytime someone backs the Kickstarter and mentions @CRAZYDISCOSTU, the absolute legends at B.O.T.B. will give that backer 2 FREE mixed card packs! It’s worth noting that in Mixed Brewery packs there are 3 Golden Can cards. Find one and you get up to £250 to spend at a brewery of your choice!!!!

battle of the breweries crazydiscostu cans craft beer card game craft beer gifts blog kickstarter campaign

You can get involved with their Kickstarter on the link below. Campaign closes on the 15th September 2021 :

You can check out the rewards available here : (

For more details on Battle Of The Breweries you can contact

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