Passions, Passion Fruit NEPA (Signature Brew)

Signature Brew recently re-released 2 of their limited edition runs : their Sicilian Lemon & Citra Sour, C-Sharp and their passion fruit New England Pale Ale, Passions. Today we’ll be looking the latter. Strap in for unbridled passion (fruit) !

Pouring this one at arms length i’m amazed at the aromas even at this distance. The beautiful tropical passion fruit aroma must have been busting to get out of this can and into my nasal passage, and it does. The smell is a lovely full and sweet aroma.

On the pour Passions is a hazy pale yellowish orange with a bright complexion. There’s a low carbonation and no cling to speak of.

signature brew passions new england pale ale crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast cans across the world

Diving in there’s a smooth mouthfeel hinting at the oats, watery on the tongue and thirst-quenchingly satisfying.

To taste, Passions provides an initial hit of sweetness, moving onto a juicy middle, and finishing on a juicy bitter to exit. Overall not as bitter a expected and altogether moreish. The carbonation subsides quickly and actually becomes smoother in mouthfeel over time.

The haze is real but not murky and remains juicy to the last drop.

Signature Brew, Passions is an over-hopped, fruity beer, so if that’s your thing then you’ll really enjoy this one. I do like fruited beers myself, but wouldn’t say i’m a fan. This however, does not force the fruit flavour, it’s manageable for anyone who is weary of the style.

Here’s what Signature Brew has to say:

The base is a juicy New England pale, with lots of oats and wheat, a huge tropical aroma and a golden-yellow appearance. Passions is packed with sweet tropical tones & low bitterness, followed by a deliciously sharp finish from the generous passionfruit addition. Fun Fact, the Japanese characters donning the eye-catching can read ‘passion fruit’ and the numbers hidden in the label are the co-ordinates for the brewery! Released last August in a 330ml can, this sweet & stormy NEPA went down an absolute treat with drinkers in lockdown, so with things very much back to normal now, it seemed only fitting to bring the much-loved beer to draught lines properly and also upgrade Passions into a much-deserved 440ml can.

I’d say this is perfect for a lazy day in the garden – a hammock beer – easy to drink and a manageable 5%. Passions, a sweet & stormy Passion Fruit New England pale ale, is now available in a bumper 440ml can which is just enough to satisfy! You can find out more on the Signature Brew site.

signature brew passions new england pale ale crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast cansacrosstheworld

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