Watch Pro 1 (Soundpeats)

After the success of our previous fitness tracker review (Willful SW352) we decided to take a look at this little number from the people over at Soundpeats. You’ll recognise the name as we had previously reviewed (and fell in love with) their TrueAir2 Airpods. Join us below for a review of this premium fitness tracker!

Watch Pro 1

I may have stated before that i’m not a fan of wearing a watch. I love the idea of tech-related wearables, but for the most part i find them to be uncomfortable. Don’t worry i’m not about to share some sort of revelation to this, concerning the Watch Pro 1 from Soundpeats. I will however state that this product is as comfortable to wear as humanly possible.

The strap (i’m not sure why i started with this feature) seems to be made of some sort of rubber that is very comfortable to wear and not as sweat-inducing as some of the competitors straps.

soundpeats watch pro 1 review tech crazydiscostu

Lets get into the unit itself. The watch face can be calibrated to the users specifications, using one of the many pre-made templates that incorporate the on-screen features. These watch faces feature various combinations of time, date, day, calories burned, step count, battery level, and BPM among others. The user also has the ability to load their own image to be used as a watch face. Stylistically there’s a watch face for everyone.

The screen features a responsive touch screen that can be pressed and swiped. With the simplist touch the user can get in-depth information on step count, distance and calories. BPM stats. Sleep stats.

Swiping the other way can access SMS and Wattsapp messenger settings with complete ease.

The accompanying android app features detailed analysis of the features previously mentioned :

soundpeats watch pro 1 review tech crazydiscostu android app

Watch Pro 1 Specs

Waterproof Level: IP68.
Bluetooth: 5.0.
Display: 1.28 inches.
Display Resolution:240*240.
Adjustable wristband: 5.9 to 9.0 inches (perimeter).
Battery Capacity: 285mAH.
Charging Time: 3.5 hours.
Normal Use: 10 Days.
Standby Time: 30 Days.

What is in the Box?
1 x SOUNDPEATS Watch Pro1 Sports Watch.
1 x USB-A Charging Cable (Magnetic charging).
1 x User Manual.

soundpeats watch pro 1 review tech crazydiscostu


We’re already massive fans of the TrueAir2 pods by Soundpeats so our expectations going in were initially high. Thankfully after putting the Watch Pro 1 through its paces they remained equally as positive.

This watch boasts great functionality, sleek design and represents a completely affordable option in the activity tracker market. I found the music controls particularly useful on long walks or at the gym. What i enjoyed most was being able to personalise the watch face, a feature which many fitness trackers on the market seem to be lacking.

soundpeats watch pro 1 crazydiscostu review

Above all it’s comfortable to wear.

You can learn more about the Watch Pro 1 here : SOUNDPEATSAUDIO.COM

The Soundpeats Watch Pro 1 is available from Amazon for around £49.99

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