Fitzwilliam 2 (Majority Audio)

We previously got the opportunity to test drive the fantastic K2 Soundbar from Majority Audio (you can read the review here) and got even more excited when we discovered their other Audio products. Join us for an equally in-depth look at their Fitzwilliam 2 Hi Fi System.

Majority are a UK-based company specializing in affordable home audio and video products. The products are available exclusively through online retailers like Amazon and via their website.

It’s worth noting this time around that Majority plant a tree for every device that it sells as part of its Majority Forest Campaign as well as other projects that help support local communities.

Majority fitzwilliam hifi tuner review crazydiscostu

Fitzwilliam 2

Straight out of the box, what i love about this unit is the aesthetics of it. Sleek black (or silver depending on preference) and clean. The body is not only functionally laid-out but dare i say it – sexy. That’s the opinion of (despite my profession) someone who is not a style-over-content gear head.

The layout of the front facing features is simplistic and practical. Adequate spacing is negotiated between navigation dial, selection buttons, screen and volume dial. The dials present a satisfyingly ergonomic amount of haptic feedback when turned which may lead to constant use.

The screen is a condensed icon and menu-based display that can not only display album/artist art, but can display the artwork of the podcast or stream you are listening to. The Fitzwilliam 2 fetches these with little or no effort and presents them in good colour quality. Navigating the menus via the front facing dial is easy but can also be achieved through the use of the remote.

The remote control is a lot less basic than that of the K2 Soundbar which is hardly surprising given the features of this product. The Fitzwilliam 2 remote features dimmer options for the display, EQ modelling as well as alarm/sleep functions, alongside the standard home audio controls such as play/pause, skip, volume, mute etc. It boasts directional navigation for menus and a handy “back” button, all adequately spaced for minimum effort.


Setup took around 10 Minutes, most of which was spent deciding which room i wanted to enjoy the sound in. I opted for the living room, much to the dismay of my wife, who quickly came around once i had tuned the unit to Classic FM‘s Disney Classics playlist!

As with any good home audio product – everything you need for setup is supplied in the box. The unit features a dazzling array of connection options which may seem slightly daunting at first but ensures full connectivity for all the features and can be tailored to your listening preferences.

The instructions are enclosed but entirely unnecessary as as the process is so basic. Connecting to a WIFI network is probably the most labour-intensive part of this process, especially if you can’t remember your WIFI password….

Majority fitzwilliam hifi tuner crazydiscostu home audio review


The Fitzwilliam 2 boasts the ability to tune into an impressive selection of content options. There is literally something for everyone, from every genre of music to every genre of podcast and more radio stations than you could ever shake a taste stick at:

The unit can access Internet and Digital DAB/DAB+/FM Radio and delivers thousands of options by using an internet connection. The unit also comes with over 150 presets and the option to add even more stations for a greater listening experience.

The Spotify Connect feature (admittedly which is why i was drawn to this product) enables you to connect your Spotify account (Free or Premium) to Spotify Connect to conveniently play your playlists, albums and podcasts. This is an absolute game-changer and can be accessed and controlled via your device simultaneously.

The Fitzwilliam 2 also has Bluetooth connectivity, AUX in, USB in and UPnP to connect your favourite devices and play your own media through the Hi-Fi system. You can also utilise the USB (playback and charging) port to play music directly from a memory stick or MP3 player as it supports MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC+ file types.


The Fitzwilliam 2 features audio output ports, AUX out, optical out, and coaxial out ports to connect the Hi-Fi system to your favourite speakers ensuring the sound you desire.

The sound from all sources is fantastic to say the least. Smooth streaming and lossless audio is presented in crystal clear sound. I even ran the audio though the K2 Soundbar to get that Majority experience! This unit gives options.

Majority fitzwilliam hifi tuner internet radio review crazydiscostu

Tech Specs

Optical, RCA & Coaxial Output.
Media Centre & UPnP.
AUX In & Out.
Headphone Jack.
USB Playback & Charging.
Dual Alarm.
LAN (Ethernet) Input.
AUX In: 3.5 mm.
Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm.
DAB: 174 – 240 MHz.
FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz.
Screen Colour: LCD.
Dimmable: Yes.
Power: AC 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz.
Weight: 2.8 kg.
Dimensions: 43.5 x 7.4 x 29.7 cm.
Colour: Silver or black.

Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

What Did We Think?

My initial expectations of the product were that it made boasts that it may not deliver on. I was happily proved wrong in that aspect. The Fitzwilliam did everything i wanted it to do and more, and has now become a welcome addition to my home audio setup.

I loved reviewing this piece of kit. It has now become the centre piece for my HIFI. I love the design the most. The layout is intuitive and the build itself is sturdy. It’s affordable without compromising quality.

My attraction to this unit over its peers is the functionality and focus on mode selection. I chose the Fitzwillaim above all others because i wanted a DAB unit that was easily programmable, that didn’t require any in-depth knowledge or need extensive set up time. The various functions are easy to navigate and edit. Podcasts and streaming audio channels, DAB and Spotify can all be navigated with minimum effort via presets or programmable options.

I like that it features the ability to connect with other devices so seamlessly while still being a standalone product. Sounds good to me.

You can check out the Fitzwilliam 2 via the Majority site.

Majority fitzwilliam hifi tuner crazydiscostu tech review nerd geek

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