Carib Lager (Carib Brewery)

Lager doesn’t tend to feature too heavily on this site. It’s not that i don’t enjoy the style, more that it is so readily available, in such abundant quantities that i usually stay away from reviewing it. After a recent trip to Caribbean i was able to bring back a few of them.

The Covid restrictions in place at the time meant that i was unable to visit the local craft breweries as planned (special shoutout to 2SIX8 Brewery), but i was able to sample a few of the bigger lagers nonetheless.

Today we’re taking a look at Carib Lager. This beer is readily available in Antigua. Ask anyone there and they’ll point you towards Wadadli (Antigua Brewery) as their beer of choice and a proud label on the island. I can clarify that this was a delicious brew but i was unable to bring any Wadadli home, due to……. ummmmmm……… delicious reasons………

Carib on the other hand is a product of Trinidad and Tobago, available in abundance right across the Caribbean and licensed for distribution across the islands and the UK. Lets get into it :

The pour is thin and golden with a clear and pale complexion. Carbonation is high. On the nose we’re working with definitive lager aromas, not at all heavy and wafts promises of refreshment, beery sweetness and barley.

On the tongue the flavour is all malted barley driving the style. It’s not as aggressively malt as Banks Beer (of Barbados which we’ll get to in another review) but it is a noticeable element of Caribbean brews.

Carib is refreshing as its main feature. When it is Ice cold and presented in 355ml format the can is certainly a welcome sight in the heat of the afternoon. Clocking in at 5% it’s enough to make its mark without going overboard.

Young Brian and I had to test a few of these to make sure we had adequate tasting notes but all in all it makes for a well-rounded brew. Carib is reminiscent of Sagres Lager which we found in abundance in Portugal. An easily accessible brew, packed with flavour but ultimately light enough to be refreshing.

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