Joose Exotic (Bullhouse Brew Co)

With the announcement of Tiger King 2 (reportedly airing from November 17th) we thought this would be the perfect time to get our tastebuds around this can from the mighty Bullhouse Brew Co.

This is a beautiful can and it would be a shame if i didn’t point out the wonderful art from the hugely talented Thomas Bannon (@thomasbannondraws).

On the pour there’s an overpoweringly tropical and exotic whiff delivering aromas of pineapple, guava and mango juiciness.

In the glass it’s got the complexion of Sunday school juice, but the taste of Sunday school juicy pale ale.

To taste it delivers all of the above and the flavour is packed full of juicy goodness in the mid, with a balanced hint of citrus bitterness in the aftertaste. It’s dry-hopped with Idaho 7, Azacca Simcoe and Strata hops.

Joose Exotic is slightly more carbonated than i was initially expecting but delivers a fair old lip smack nonetheless. It’s seriously moreish and weighs in at 6.5%ABV.

My only real criticism of this brew is that there wasn’t a bucket full of it. 1 X 440ml can just didn’t seem to be enough, or maybe i should have bought a few more…. actually, yeah, I guess that’s on me then.
Either way, another triumph for Bullhouse Brew Co.

bullhousebeer joose exotic pale beer review crazydiscostu
bullhouse brew co joose exotic pale beer review crazydiscostu cans across the world

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