Eternal Haze (Northern Monk X Stigbergets)

Today we’re getting involved with this Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale or DDH DIPA for those who like abbreviations. It’s a collaboration between Northern Monk (Leeds) and Stigbergets Bryggeri (Gothenburg).

Taking a spin off Northern Monk‘s Eternal session IPA, this collaboration has produced a hoppier, boozier evolution weighing in at 8.0%ABV.

Into the glass it provides haze for days and pours a bright and dirty orange with serious murk.

Getting it up my nose theres smells of apricot and mango citrus with tropical pineapple and good times.

The top of the pour is coated in a thin layer of thick luxuriant foam.

cans across the world crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast eternal haze northern monk stigbergets

Getting it into my serving hatch there’s a deliciously smooth oaty Mabuse mouthfeel. The can informs that this mouthfeel can be described as pillowy-soft and i’m inclined to agree.

The taste is thick and rich in the mids, packed with tropical goodness and ending with a sweet and bitter dry-hoppy finish.

Eternal Haze has recently appeared on the shelves of the big chain supermarket that rhymes with Fresco.

Absolutely delicious but heavy enough in taste and ABV to slow the night. Could be a one and done beer on a night out but therein lies the struggle. How to stop? Eternal Haze is bloody delicious. More of that please!

cans across the world crazydiscostu best craft beer blog and podcast eternal haze northern monk stigbergets

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