Happy In Sunburst (Pentrich Brewing)

In my limited time on this earth i’ve decided that “Imperial” anything where beer is concerned can only be a good thing.

There’s a huge and established market for Stouts within this style but recently i’m seeing breweries venture into this territory more and more. And i am absolutely here for it.

Happy In Sunburst Simcoe Imperial IPA is exactly that : Sunburst and happiness in a can!

The pour is a rich sunshine dank and gives off a full tropical aroma. The mouthfeel is as heavy as you might expect from an Imperial IPA and the dankness of the pour makes for a good indicator.  

The resinous taste is a rich mango juice with pineapple and carries a full-bodied tropical flavour. Happy In Sunburst is impossibly smooth and juicy with elements of sweet pure orange juice. In the aftertaste there’s citrus-sweet juiciness with very little bitterness but distinctly Simcoe.

This one is 8% ABV an absolute dream and i wish i’d got my hands on many, many more! If you do get your hands on one – give it a whirl and spare a thought for those of us who only purchased one can 😥

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