IPA #003, Citra Cryo & Mosaic NEIPA (Standard Brew Co)

There’s absolutely nothing more satisfying than discovering new beers. Well, maybe opening the new beer to discover a potential new favourite.

So what is this new beer? Well it’s a new brewery and a new beer to be exact. Lets start with the beer…

standard brew co ipa crazydiscostu cans across the world

IPA #003

It’s a New England style India Pale Ale made from Citra Cryo and Mosaic hops. “What are Cryo hops?” i hear you ask. Well, to oversimplify it – it’s concentrated powdered hop greens. However if you want a more accurate answer HopCulture.Com have made a wonderful post on it.

The result in this case is a wonderfully fresh hop-zesty brew that whiffs of floral goodness.

To taste it’s a light and refreshingly thin NEIPA with a fluffy mouth feel and a crisp hop-dry finish. Ice-cold, IPA #003 boasts a wonderful thirst-quenching bouquet of tropical peach and grassy notes. There’s a subtle melon and pine sweetness in there that lingers past tasting.

Made with barley, wheat and oats, hopped with Citra Cyro and Mosaic, with Verdant yeast. With 10kg of bothCitra Cryo & Mosaic, IPA #003 is a double header of citrus and tropical juice with a hint of pine, brought together by a smooth oaty malt build and the sweet, balanced Verdant yeast.

The beauty of this one is the flavour, it’s not overpowering yet still retains enough good will to make it a moreish sup. It’s a 440ml can and weighs in at surprising 6% ABV. It’s a delicious discovery

beer review standard brew co ipa crazydiscostu cans across the world

Standard Brew Co

Standard Brew Co is a customer-owned subscription-based brewery. Their business model is about shipping exclusive small batch IPAs to their subscribers on a monthly basis. Not only that, subscribers will receive shares in the business!

Standard Brew Co, the UK’s first customer owned IPA specialist brewery will be brewing a different small batch IPA every month and shipping it out to subscribers. They will be awarding shares to subscribers who complete a year long subscription, each year.

It works like this – For £20 per calendar month subscribers will receive a 6-pack of fresh IPA straight from the brewery, in varying styles and never the same brew twice.

Founded by IPA lover Milo Oddi and brewed from humble beginnings, Standard Brew Co has a focused agenda:

It has always been about sharing. Whether that be sharing the beer at garden parties, taking it to friends’ dinners or even gifting it as presents. That’s why I wanted to make Standard Brew Co UK’s first customer-owned IPA-specialist brewery. What better way to share the experience than to award shares and a new IPA to discover every month.”

IPA #003 is the release for the official website launch. It’s their third IPA and the first of the subscription beers on offer, what’s more is that it’s a limited batch of just 1500 litres! This was exciting launch to be a part of and i can’t wait to see what Milo and Standard Brew Co come up with next.

You can join the Standard Brew Co community now over at www.standardbrew.co

standard brew co ipa beer review crazydiscostu cans across the world

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