Hop Hero (Beer Cooler)

Recently i’ve been on the hunt for a worthy drinking vessel. The wooden Viking-style tankard with a rough outer casing, adorned with skulls, horns and Celtic symbolism looks great, but i’m in the market for a receptacle that not only strikes fear into my enemies hearts, but is aesthetically pleasing and entirely practical. I need a Hero….

Luckily the folks over at Hop Hero have my back! Swooping in with their flagship cooler, they’re on a mission to declare #WarOnWarmBeer !

I look like Billy Big Balls with my new beer mug, sitting here with a fresh and crispy-cold brew while my friends make faces at their warm cans. It’s with this smugness that i can attest to the aesthetic side of the Hop Hero Cooler. The cup is adorned with the beautiful Hop Hero logo – this is because it has been designed with beer drinkers in mind.

The Hop Hero Cooler is a fantastic way to keep beer (or whatever your poison of choice is) cold or hot, whatever, no judgement here. It’s a tough, double-walled, 203 stainless steel, conical cup with a 500ml capacity and a push-fit lid. It’s not only dishwasher friendly but also BPA free.

The lid also features a detachable bottle-opener which is pretty handy as the cooler is the perfect size for a big bottle and if you’re like me, have a fine talent for losing bottle openers. The beer stays frosty even without the lid on and the steel is very comfortable to drink from.

hop hero beer cooler review crazydiscostu

There’s no mucking about with gadgets or prep – just pour and enjoy! The cooler will keep poured temperature for 4 hours, iced drinks for 15 hours and you can even use it to keep hot drinks warm as well, boasting 45 minutes at temperature.

We caught up with David Williams from Hop Hero to discuss their cooler:

Aside from warm beer, what led you to releasing the Hop Hero Cooler?

I’ve spent a lot of my working life in the beer business, having worked for two of the big-6 breweries in the 90’s (Whitbread and Bass), as well as running my own microbrewery, shop and tap room in Towcester, Northants.

The next step for me  was to have an online retail business that was  beer related but a bit different to anything else. Enter Hop Hero!

Personally, I like to nurse my beer and really enjoy it, rather than gulp it down. Problem was, the beer temperature increased because my warm hand came into direct contact with the glass which warms the beer up and leaves your hand all wet from the condensation.

Hop Hero really appeals to me as there isn’t anything else quite like it in the UK, not to mention a nice dry hand and cool beer that lasts down to the last sip!”

hop hero beer cooler review crazydiscostu cans across the world beer blog and podcast

Anything exciting on the horizon for Hop Hero?

“I’m hoping to launch more colour variations of the Hop Hero in the New Year. A royal blue colour is next on the cards!

In terms of new product development, I’m currently working on a design for a Hop Hero beer growler. I’ll have more news on this early next year, but I always welcome any design suggestions from interested consumers!”


I found the Hop Hero Cooler to be pretty handy for home sipping and as a travel mug, but i could see it becoming essential kit on my next hiking and camping trip. With Christmas coming up it would make a pretty good gift for the beer lover in your life, especially while it’s 25% off!

You can pick up the Hop Hero Cooler at hophero.co.uk/products/hop-hero-beer-cooler (currently £19.95). They’re so confident in this cooler that they even have a 14 day return policy, if for some bizarre reason you don’t like it.

Hop Hero will be exhibiting at the Festive Gift Fair https://www.festivegiftfair.co.uk/at the NEC 18th – 21st November, on stand D38 – go see them and tell them CrazyDiscoStu sent ya!

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