Coolerr Classic

As you may have gathered, we hate the thought of warm beer. Ask anyone. Well, not anyone, but anyone who might know the answer…

It’s with this hatred in mind that the folks over at Coolerr got in touch and offered us the opportunity to categorically “stick it” to warm beer with their innovative drink cooler. Join us for an in-depth look at this latest drink tech gadget!

We have all lost out on so many great moments. Warm summer nights in the garden with friends, celebrations of special occasions, music festivals, family dinners and many, many more.

We now realise the importance of making every occasion count. As we make up for lost time, every moment, and every drink, should be perfect.

That’s why we created Coolerr – because life’s too short for warm drinks. Our vision is simple – no more warm drinks, or wasted moments. Every sip, perfectly chilled, every time.

The stylish Coolerr Classic box comes with a lot of boasts and promises such as “engineered for beer perfection” and “expertly designed“. It’s only upon using the Coolerr Classic that these claims seem genuinely accurate.

coolerr classic review beer crazydiscostu


The Coolerr Classic supports not only 330ml bottles but a range of can sizes (330ml, 440ml, 500ml) and comes complete with a neoprene sleeve for bottles which can be used within the unit or externally as a standalone cozie for cans.

coolerr classic review beer crazydiscostu craft beer blog and podcast

It also utilises a can-spacer to enable the 330ml cans to fit. This enables the standard size to fit snugly and keeps the can nicely chilled. This is the griplock seal that holds the drink in place.

coolerr classic review beer product review crazydiscostu

The Coolerr Classic also boasts a double-wall vacuum constructed body that is functional and sleek. Made from 100% stainless steel and coated with a premium matte finish and features a non-slip and non-marking silicone base so it won’t mark your surfaces.


Initially i was confused by the additional parts of the Coolerr Classic but it took a few minutes to work out how these are equipped to facilitate the different cans and bottle sizes. It takes a matter of seconds to screw the top ring into place and the cans fit perfectly.

I can see it being a welcome addition for sitting by the fire at night during the warmer months. An ideal gift for the beer fan who sets down a drink for long periods of time only for it to go warm.

I’ve enjoyed using this product and look forward to seeing what further innovations Coolerr can make.

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The Cooler Classic is currently £24.99. You can find out more about the Coolerr Classic by visiting their website and experiencing their products in a range of styles!

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