Pub In A Box : Bells End Edition (Signature Brew / The Darkness)

Signature Brew‘s successful Pub In A Box has been bringing the pub to the punters for some time now. You may have spied it in the likes of GQ, Time Out and LADbible but now the box has made its way to a reputable reviewing outlet….

Signature Brew have decided to release a festive edition of their box which showcases their collaboration with rock monsters The Darkness.

This Christmas edition contains four cans of Bells End and a mix of Signature Brew’s award-winning core beers, Roadie All-Night IPA, Studio Lager, Rewind Gluten Free Pale Lager (potentially substituted) and Backstage IPA. The box also contains a limited-edition beer glass, beer mat and The Darkness art print!

It also contains snacks from Salty Dog, a Spotify playlist, pub quiz and your very own pub sign to customise!

Lets kick off with the star of the show :

signature brew bells end pub in a box review

Bells End (Extra Seasonal Bitter)

BELLS END is an Extra Seasonal Bitter with an ABV of 5.2%. Taking its name from the bands hit Christmas single Christmastime (Don’t Let The Bells End) this collab arrived last year in time for the festive season (you can read our review of it here) and now it’s back via the Pub In A Box format.

The pour is copper in colour, an inviting rusty shade. There’s a light thin foam with a healthy cling. On the nose it’s got a full, malted and fruity aroma. I’m getting a hint of ginger? Or maybe i’m just ready for Christmas flavours?

This is a modern take on the style – all toffee and caramel on a bed of hops. There’s a good amount of lip-smacking going on and before I notice I’ve drained most of the glass! Very easy to drink and deceptively light for the 5.2 ABV. A very smooth offering that would pair well with mince pies.

Roadie (All Night IPA)

Roadies make up the backbone of the industry. First to arrive and last to leave. This IPA feels like a fitting tribute to the crew.

On the nose it’s floral, piney and grassy – full of promise for the taste ahead. On the tongue it’s packed with hoppy flavour and definitely sessionable. The profile can be suitably classified as thirst-quenching with a smooth IPA flavour. Grassy notes, musty sweetness and not too heavy on the bitter.

signature brew bells end pub in a box cans across the world

Backstage (IPA)

What happens backstage, stays backstage. This Backstage however is shouting about the tropical goodness within. There’s a promising aroma of piney and juicy IPA.

To taste there’s an initial apricot and stone fruit hit with a lingering hint of citrus. Backstage is smooth and moreish, juicy in the middle taste and slightly bitter to finish. A delicious entry in the box and this could be my favourite from this selection.

Studio Lager (Pilsner)

There’s a nice pilsner heft from the aroma of Studio Lager. On the tastebuds it delivers a biscuit-malt flavour that is both clean and crisp. Ice cold it delivers a fresh lager taste with a floral hint and bitter finish.

Studio Lager weighs in at a manageable 4% and the IBU rating is 25. It’s a smooth brew and a worth a go if you’re a fan of the style.

signature brew bells end pub in a box crazydiscostu beer blog and podcast

Rewind (Gluten Free Pale Lager)

Rewind has also previously been reviewed on the site. It pours pale and transparent. On the nose it smells like a citrus infused pale ale.

It provides a lovely mid-taste sweetness with a barely perceptible bitterness to the aftertaste.

There’s an India Pale citrus and pine medley going on here complimenting the light and refreshing body. The carbonation is mid level and coupled with the flavour makes for a very smooth finish. The ABV is 4.7% and IBU is 36.

All beers are suitable for vegans. The Pub in A Box Bells End Edition is priced at £30 and available throughout the UK, delivered in just 1-2 days.

You can find more information on Signature Brew Bells End and Pub In A Box by visiting

signature brew bells end pub in a box crazydiscostu beer review

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