Bait! (Resolution Games)

Throw away your expensive meditation paraphernalia, punch your guru in the face and download Bait! – possibly the most relaxing fishing game ever made for Virtual Reality.

I know what you’re thinking – “Stu, I have no interest in fishing games“. Welcome to the party, pal! Neither do i! I’ve never been a fan of fishing, furthermore i’ve never really been a fan of fishing games. That’s why Bait! is something else entirely.

bait! resolution games vr free games oculus quest 2


Bait! offers serene waterside environments and immersive, colourful locations. The art style is cartoony but not abrasivly so and the depth of the graphics lends the game an air of visual credibility. There’s enough to look at while fishing.

The environments also feature a subtle blend of music and atmospheric sounds to fish in.

bait! resolution games vr free games oculus quest 2

The Plot

The plot (yes, this fishing game has a plot) is significantly entertaining with a nice twist. The missions are as expected for a fishing game, repetitive in the sense that you must catch fish, but the joy in the game comes from the fishing itself so the repetition is incidental.


With 40 types of fish to catch at various size and weight, the game has enough longevity to keep you playing for some time and at a relaxed pace even after the story finishes.

It’s not going to get your heart pumping like The Walking Dead but that’s why it’s a fantastic contrasting game.

Theres a real sense of achievement from catching new fish, or even a new record weight fish, but what hooked me about this game is that it’s a quiet and tranquil corner of Virtual Reality where I can chill out and fish. There’s no pressure to achieve the next predefined goal or time limit imposed. Its just you and the act itself. Resolution Games are onto a winner here.

The best thing about this title is that it’s completly free!

The game is available for various platforms including Oculus Quest and Samsung VR. You can download Bait! from your usual Virtual Reality vendor and Resolution Games.

bait! resolution games vr free games oculus quest 2

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