Lenspen (VR Lens Cleaning Kit)

One major and shared thorn in the collective sides of VR users is the dreaded dirty lens. No, that’s not some new form of sexually transmitted disease – it’s the build up of tiny dust particles on the lenses of your VR headset. Condensation, dust, food, tiny shrunken people…. they can all get in the way when it comes to enjoying some savoury VR time.

The folks over at Lenspen have sent over their AR/VR lens care packs for us to try out. Join us for some pure filth!

Who Are Lenspen?

Lenspen is a trademark of Parkside Optical Inc. who are a Vancouver-based public company. Since 1992 they have been involved in the design, production, and marketing of products to clean fingerprints on high-quality optical and screen products including cameras, filters, binoculars, scopes, computers, digital picture frames, and most recently iPads, tablet computers, iPhones and Android Phones.

Their products make use of a unique carbon cleaning compound for which it has held various patents. The brand name “LENSPEN” has become recognized around the world and is now associated with consumer product cleaning solutions.

Virtual Filth!

Grubby lenses were the first thing i noticed about owning any sort of Virtual Reality headset, or at least how quickly they could become messy with only day-to-day use. It’s not like i’m intentionally putting my fingers on that part of the headset, but with continual use the grime starts to build up, especially after sweating it our on Beat Saber or a heavy questing session in Zenith : The Last City.

Like other headset users i’m quite aware that scratching the eye pieces could drastically affect my headset performance, so i’m careful when handling the headset to minimise any contact in that area. So what is the solution to the grime?

lenspen vr lens cleaner crazydiscostu ar vr virtual reality

The Lenspen Itself

On their website, the Lenspen itself is classified as “optical lens and filter cleaning technology“, but to the rest of us it could relabelled as “a bit of a lifesaver when it comes to fingerprints, dust and grease“.

It has been designed to specifically clean smart glasses, AR / VR goggles including the Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest and PlayStation 4 VR system, along with any other gamer headsets or optics.

The instructions couldn’t be simpler out of the box. It’s not rocket science anyway but as i said i’m concerned about damaging the lenses. Just use the retractable brush to dislodge and dust particles from the lens surface. And then unscrew the cap to access the felt lens cleaner.

My initial urge was to use a light breath alongside the product to remove months of built up dirt, but the lens pen is designed to be used on dry lenses.

lenspen vr lens cleaner crazydiscostu


I found a lot of benefits from using the Lenspen system on my Oculus Quest 2. The difference was extraordinary. It’s strange to think about how you don’t notice the dust that sits so close to your face. Previously i had no lens cleaning practice in place outside of wiping the lenses gently with the corner of my tshirt!

I’ve seen reports online how easily the lenses can be scratched and i’m amazed i haven’t done serious damage to them yet. Much of these reports seem to come from users who rely on the dust cloth that comes with their headset. While this cloth is not the reason for the scratches, it seems that being unable to brush the harder particles of the lens before wiping does contribute to this.

I’m pleased with the system Lenspen have in place and I can’t see a better solution available on the market. The instructions were simple, the product was easy to use and it enhanced my VR experience immensely.

You can purchase their Lenspen AR/VR kit from their website for around $16/£12. Click here for more information.

Lenspen have also provided us with an exclusive discount code for CRAZYDISCOSTU.COM users! You can get 20% off the pen itself or the AR/VR by using code STU20

Check it out here!

Win A Lenspen Kit!

The folks over at Lenspen have very kindly given us 2 sets of their Lenspen bundles to giveaway. The pack includes the Lenspen itself, Microfibre cleaning cloth and a dry anti-fog cloth. The pack is ideal for anything with a lens! Including cameras, camcorders, glasses, VR headsets, cinema goggles, 3D glasses, telescopes etc.

To win, all you have to do is head over to our INSTAGRAM, like the post and comment below it. Simples! The competition is open to UK only and closes March 31st 2022. The winners will be notified soon after via Instagram. We’ll reach out afterwards to get your postage info. Good luck, nerds!

win lenspen vr lens cleaner crazydiscostu competition

You can purchase their Lenspen AR/VR kit from their website. Click here for more information.

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