Bomaker Portable Projector Screen

My wife and I are awaiting the birth of our first child, so aside from reorganising our home and everything within it, we’re currently looking at our options. One of those options was to save space by making better use of our projector and to do this we required a screen – first world problems, amiright??

Luckily Bomaker stepped in with a budget option for our dilemma and even supplied us with a tasty discount code to pass on to you lovely nerds! Read on to find out more.

bomaker portable projector screen crazydiscostu review packaging

Home Cinema

We’ve seen consumer-projector options increase in both number and quality over the last few years so it reasons that an increase in consumer-projector screens would also follow that trend.

Maybe it’s my old age, or the base economic rate itself talking here (aside from the current geopolitical instability of course) but i think we’re all in agreement : everything is getting more expensive. Coupled with the fact that enforced stay-in rules have been inflicted on us all over the last few years – our home setups have also vastly improved.

This perfect storm ensures that a night out now involves taking out a loan and remortgaging your house. The cinema alone has become an extornionate affair. Remember kids, it’s not ilegal to bring your own snacks. But i rant….

Home setups require decent gear and personally i’ve never found one brand that can fulfill all of my home entertainmant needs at once. So far i’ve been lucky enough to build my setup over time with elements from Anker, Majority, Minisforum and Zeuslap to name but a few.

I can now add Bomaker to this setup with their 16:9 portable screen. The product testing took place in an appropriately unlit environment with the Nebula Capsule from Anker.

bomaker portable projector screen crazydiscostu review instructions

Who Are Bomaker

Bomaker make a range of home audio and visual options including projectors, soundbars, earbuds and everything in between! They came to my attention with their laser cinema products. Here’s the blurb:

Bomaker is the audio-visual brand released by Substanbo in 2016. By producing high-quality audio-visual equipment using cutting-edge technology, Bomaker aims to bring a theater-like home entertainment experience to households the world over.

bomaker portable projector screen crazydiscostu review hooks

Features And Specs

There’s a limited amount of technical specifications for projector screens in general but here’s some info on this one nonetheless:

Brighter and Anti-crease – The screen is made with Polyester which is tightly-woven and helps to produce a sharper and brighter image. The fabric stretches out over time removing creases. As you can see from the photos this is not an instant feature, especially straight out of the box. The screen can be hand washed and machine washed.
Easy installation – The screen comes with 8 hooks and double sided sticky tabs to easily hang. The metal surrounds on the screens holes ensure the screen stays in place on the hooks.
Portable – As there is no bulky apparatus or casing the screen can be folded up and transported easily.
Sizing – 100-inch 16:9 Movie Screen, diagonal 160″ viewing area, 14140.80 inches size, 0.79lbs only.

bomaker portable projector screen crazydiscostu review fabric


The screen is of an impressive quality, the stitching is clean and tight and the hooks supplied are super helpful for hanging it. They’re not only sturdy but the adhesive strips that are included are strong enough to hold the screen in place at the desired tension and can be easily removed.

This screen is going to be perfect for Peppa Pig, Pocoyo and playing the Original Trilogy Star Wars films on a loop for little Simba. The screen represents a game-changer for us. It’s definitely a step up from watching Netflix on our vertical blinds. The neighbours will not be happy, i’m sure….

Bomaker have supplied us with a very tasty 45% off Coupon Code : DISCOSTU45. So head over to the site and check out the screen and their fantastic home cinema options!

bomaker portable projector screen crazydiscostu review screen

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