Grand Theft Auto 6 : Soundtrack

For years the anticipation of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series has been a souring taste in gamers mouths. Rockstar recently confirmed exactly what we knew for a while now : the follow up to 2013’s GTA V is in development.

With this salivating anticipation there is also a palpable excitement surrounding the soundtrack for the game.

Grand Theft Auto has always presented a sculpted and in parts cinematic soundtrack to the series which blends old classics with new and hidden gems. The game soundtracks largely cater to the the needs of the gamers and offer the ability to choose the radio station which best suits their needs.

Notable stations include Radio X from GTA : San Andreas and West Coast Classics from GTA V.

The series has a strong reputation for hosting a good mix across the in-game stations and feel unique to the games themes in both style and setting.

With that in mind we have created our own playlist of songs we hope to see featured in the next game. This selection is a broad soundtrack across the genres of possible radio stations we may see in the game.

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Are there any songs you think would be ideal for the next GTA game? Add your own in the comments below and keep checking back as we update it!

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