Death Star EP II, Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Imperial Stout (Northern Monk)

Slap any sort of Star Wars branding on a product and you’ve got my attention. It’s a bonus if that product happens to be beer.

Today we’re looking at an Imperial Stout that blends chocolate, peanut and caramel and is brewed by the folks over at Northern Monk.

Death Star EP II, Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Imperial Stout (Northern Monk) beer review crazydiscostu

On the pour there’s a thick resinous caramel foam which is sticky sweet and clings to the glass. Death Star Ep II is darker than dark, it is none more dark!

On the nose the aroma is all shades of caramel and nutty burnt malt which wafts in a sinister yet satisfying fashion.

The taste is thick and sweet. Theres an initial light taste and accompanying mouthfeel on the sip that gets darker and heavier, pushing into the mid range taste.

The peanut is subtle and doesn’t shine through until the end giving off Reeses/Snickers vibes. There’s a malty smoked chocolate taste throughout.

There’s an alcohol burn in the aftertaste that frames this stout well. It’s not a light tipple by any stretch and the 12.5% ABV is the backbone of this one.

This is without a doubt a slow sipper and you may even struggle to get through a can given the rich flavour and sweetness. The flavour lingers and it’s safe to say you’ll be tasting this for the next week.

This can is a night in.

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 Death Star EP II, Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Imperial Stout (Northern Monk)

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